Easy Donut Cake

how to make a donut cake without any skills!

I can’t believe my sweet Ani turned 5 yesterday. Everyone tells you that your kiddos will grow up in a blink of an eye and it couldn’t be truer. I blinked. A lot. We’ve been having so much fun celebrating Ani the past few days because birthdays should never be limited to just 24 hours. Saturday morning, Ani had a pajama party with her friends to celebrate her birthday and love for a sprinkle donut. The girl lives for them. She wanted a donut cake, but with the bustle of the holidays and her birthday shortly after Christmas, I completely forgot to order one. So, I pulled out my bundt pan and made her a donut cake. Actually, we all did!

easy donut cake | donut and pajama birthday party

For the sake of my sanity and in the midst of exhaustion, I picked up a couple of cake mixes and icing. Shameful, I know, but what’s a mom to do with Christmas and 3 birthdays in a month? 

pajama and donut birthday party ideas | easy donut cake

how to make a donut cake without any skills!

Ani and Isla added water and oil, Adalyn cracked the eggs and I licked the spatula. That’s how cake making works, right? Then we poured it into a well greased bundt pan {great tips for a beautiful bundt here}, baked, and allowed it to cool slightly. I flipped the cake onto a wire rack, gave the pan a few taps and out she came. Once it was completely cool, I sliced the bottom of the cake off where it had risen and placed the cake on my cake stand.

easy donut cake | donut and pajama birthday party

pajama and donut birthday party ideas

But the most beautiful part was the ease of icing. I took several cake decorating classes growing up, but none of them really stuck. My mom always decorated a beautiful cake, however I have yet to master it. So once again, I cheated. We’re going for a pretty donut cake, so I iced it like I ice donuts. I melted the icing for 40 seconds, stirred and poured over the cake in one continuous circle to ensure it spread evenly {with the cake stand in the sink, of course to compensate for runoff}. Finally, SPRINKLES! Add them immediately and voila!


easy donut cake | donut and pajama birthday party

Simple and sweet, just like my Ani.


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