How to Make Wood Shutters

LAST UPDATED: Sep 07, 2018 | PUBLISHED: Jun 13, 2012 | By: Julie Blanner
My husband and I love a good weekend project.  To add charm and give our {old} home a cottage feel, we created wood shutters.  We originally planned to paint them, however, the cedar was so pretty, that we just went with a light stain.
Creating custom wood shutters is easy! With the help of a little paint, we took our home from this…


to this…

How to Make Wood Shutters:

To achieve this, we first decided that we did not want any space between the boards.  
We measured our windows and cut the wood to the appropriate length for eight.  
Using the same cedar boards, we cut them to the appropriate width.  
Use Sprax screws to adhere them togetherproperly.
Time: 1 afternoon
Cost: $150 for 4 sets {we added them to the side as well!}
Added Charm: Priceless!


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