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Pottery Barn Nursery Mobile

DIY Mobile for nursery based off of a Pottery Barn Kids catalog
As many of you know, this January my life took a turn when we added a baby to our team! I found that traditional mobiles were too fussy for my taste and for the tranquil nursery I wanted to create, so I came up with a mobile that is as sweet and simple as our little Adalyn.  I was inspired by a wreath that made appearances in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog, but was not available for sale.  Fortunately, I was able to create it in just 15 minutes.
silk flower bunches
Cutting stems 6″ or shorter, I weaved individual stems throughout the wreath placing some on top, some on the side and a few below.
I tied 2 ribbons together with a knot at the base of the wreath leaving 6″ of ribbon dangling down and 3′ at the top for hanging from a hook. 4 of these were placed on the wreath. Then secure the wreath with the loose ribbons by tying a bow around the hook.  {RPM Photography}
The inspiration:
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3 comments on “Pottery Barn Nursery Mobile”

  1. This is so pretty. I had a friend who used a tree branches and tied ribbon to it holding the letters of her name. It would totally go with this mobile. So sweet!

  2. Quite like the idea of the ribbon, how do you keep it up??? Also love the design!

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