Butterfly House

LAST UPDATED: Nov 18, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Apr 09, 2012 | By: Julie Blanner
Originally from St. Louis, I’ve had many opportunities to visit the Butterfly House with my mom, sister, niece and nephews.  I was really excited this past weekend when I was able to introduce our daughter, Adalyn to the Butterfly House.
Adalyn enjoyed admiring the beautiful butterflies in the leaves.  She did not enjoy them fluttering all around her unlike my nephews who thought bugs were cool.  It seemed there were significantly more than normal, which only made our experience better!

She even enjoyed the waterfalls and flowers, pointing everything out.

Aniston was along for the ride and happily blowing bubbles.

I couldn’t resist capturing photos of some of the beautiful orchids.  Unlike the butterflies, they don’t move, making them far easier subjects!

While Chris is serious about this photo, Aniston is curious at the butterfly in front of her.

I did manage to capture one butterfly floating into frame!
Even the walk to the parking lot is a picturesque lake.  If you have the opportunity to visit St. Louis, or have never been to the butterfly house, I highly recommend it!  

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