Hanging Wall Planters Indoor Vertical Garden

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  • How to make hanging wall planters for a beautiful indoor vertical garden suitable for a home or apartment.

    how to create an indoor herb garden with hanging planters

    I love cooking fresh all year round, but as it grows cold in the winter, our herbs need to be transferred indoors.

    To keep them convenient and provide them plenty of light, I have created an indoor herb garden, conveniently located by my kitchen sink.

    A vertical garden doesn’t have to be outdoors! This easy idea is very flexible and can be used anywhere indoors.


    diy hanging planter tutorial

    Of course I didn’t want to drill holes in my cabinetry, so much like my pretty pantry, I enlisted the help of a few 3M Command Hooks. They’re effective, discreet and most importantly, easily removable when you move your herb garden outdoors.

    This project takes just 15-20 minutes, including paint time. Are you ready?

    How to create hanging wall planters, an indoor vertical garden:

    • Grab a few plastic pots {because the weigh very little}, without drains that you can insert potted herbs into.



    diy hanging planter tutorial

    • Paint away! I used this inexpensive craft paint and a $0.15 foam brush.

    diy hanging herb garden tutorial - create your own hanging planters in minutes

    • Drill a small hole an inch or so down {measure to your hook so that it lays well}.

    diy hanging planter tutorial

    • Adhere your hook according to package instructions.

    how to create a vertical garden indoors

    • Hang your pot.

    diy hanging planter tutorial

    • Insert your herbs.

    hanging wall planters in a kitchen

    How to water an indoor vertical garden:

    • Remove the interior pot
    • Water
    • Allow to drain
    • Place the herb back in the hanging planter

    beautiful and inexpensive indoor herb garden | how to make a hanging planter

    See, it’s simple, inexpensive, beautiful and yet another way to create functional decor. You can see our renovated kitchen on a budget here.

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