How to Plant Spring Bulbs

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Fall is a time where colors are changing and leaves are falling. While your transitioning your gardens, it’s also a great time to prep for a beautiful, blooming Spring!

A close up of a garden
Last week, as the weather started to change, I began to clean up my gardens for Fall, removing some Spring/Summer flowers and planting a few Fall favorites. To create maximum impact for minimal effort {and cost}, I plant annuals in groupings around my shrubs and grasses. This is the perfect time to plant groupings of bulbs as well! September and October are ideal for planting Spring bulbs.
Rather than digging individual holes, we dig one large hole per grouping. This makes it easy to create a bulb arrangement as well! Once Chris dug the hole, Adalyn and I laid out my bulbs to create a great Spring arrangement. Ultimately, I planted hyacinths in front, then a single color of tulips, surrounded by daffodils.
Tulip bulbs
arranging pre-hole digging to visualize if this is where I wanted a grouping
When creating your arrangement, take into consideration :
plant heights
bloom times
having an adorable assistant
A little girl that is standing in the grass with gardening gloves on
Most bulbs need to be planted 6″ deep. After arranging them, add a layer of soil, then add your Fall flowers. You’ll be glad you added this quick and easy step when you have bright blooms in the Spring.

After planting, I had some extra bulbs and I couldn’t resist sharing them with a friend who enjoys flowers as much as I do. Click here for details on this easy DIY gift idea.

Tulip bulbs
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