Neutral Nursery

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Oh Aniston – you threw us for a loop.  I feel like we’re just now getting caught up after 3 months of colic.  I finally had a moment today to photograph Aniston’s neutral nursery full of hand me downs, heirlooms and a little custom art made by the baby herself.
We moved into our new home just before Aniston was born.  We replaced navy blue carpet from the 60’s with a soft cream carpet.  We also removed the “moulding” and painted the room Zurich White by Sherwin Williams.  The door was painted white and the hardware changed out.  With a fresh start, we could finally decorate!  Before picture?  Why not.
The shabby chic cotton canvas rocking chair was a Craigslist find when I was pregnant with Adalyn.  The wardrobe was a piece from my Grandma’s that was also used in Adalyn’s nursery.
While the furniture is all hand me downs, the room has been personalized for Aniston.
The crib was also Adalyn’s, purchased to “match” the wardrobe.  My friend Lori made the darling baby bedding.  For more on that, click here.  I love anything that’s personalized and ruffled.  Perfect!
I made the curtains to match the bedding.  I am so pleased how well they drape and frame her crib.
I’m still pretty proud of them!
I even created an easy tutorial for your own DIY lined drapes.
To add just a hint of pink, I added rose knobs on the closet doors.
Also, note the pink little handprint and footprint made by the beautiful baby herself.  Easy art!
Baskets were added to the changing table I had purchased.  Above, I framed my maternity photos.
Other nursery decor included my little baby booties in shadow boxes.  {for more details, click here}
The room is simple, yet sweet, just like her.
You’re finally done taking photos of my room?  Thank heavens mom!

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