Teepee Decorations

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Decorate your teepee with flowers to celebrate a birthday

It’s their own little “house”. You’ve created a teepee to be their make believe home away from home, now it’s time to utilize it to its fullest potential! I added teepee decorations to our teepee for Adalyn’s birthday party in just a few minutes. For $25 in grocery store flowers, I created several flower crowns, centerpieces, a chair swag & teepee decorations – all in just over a half hour!

beautiful diy teepee decorated for a birthday party

To create your own teepee flower arrangement, you’ll need:


a climbing flower/plant like jasmine, clematis, etc

supplemental flowers, like stock

a large bloom, like a rose

The details:

Step by step instructions to arrange grocery store flowers on a teepee

  1. Cut two long lengths of your climbing flower. Insert the stems under your rope to secure them.
  2. Add your supplemental flowers, leaving a few additional inches to layer on top of the climber. Tuck under the rope/between the poles.
  3. Add your large bloom to one side, leaving 2-3″ of stem so that it can hold it’s weight.

Another 5 minute flower arrangement – done!

fold up teepee - a sturdy & durable homemade teepee

Make your own teepee for indoor or outdoor play!

Arranging flowers

A teepee creates versatile indoor outdoor fun - get the easy diy details!

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