Orange Mint Sugar Scrub

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Easy orange mint sugar scrub recipe made in your kitchen with just 3 ingredients

For years, my natural bath recipes were among the most popular on my site, but I haven’t shared any in a long time, though I use them daily. Lately, I’ve been using a lot of sugar scrubs to wash away the winter blues and to refresh my skin {and most importantly, feet} from the harsh elements of summer. I didn’t want you to miss out on all of the fun, so I’m pulling one of my favorite recipes forward from a few years ago – orange mint sugar scrub. I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

I’ve been making & experimenting with sugar scrubs for years. It’s fun to play with something other than food in the kitchen every now & then. It’s so quick & easy, I just pull from my cabinet of essential oils, mix & put each to the test. Does it smell amazing? Does it nourish my skin? Exfoliate? Wash away those winter blues?

I adapt my basic recipe minimally {more to come in the next 2 weeks}, but alter the scents often. It’s all natural & there are no preservatives. I’ve never been one to purchase a lot of bath & body products because my sinuses hurt just walking by the store. Many of them are comprised of so much alcohol I can just feel my skin shriveling up thinking about it. As I share a few more of my favorite Spring/Summer sugar scrubs in the next couple weeks, I’d love to hear your favorite scents!

Today I’m sharing the invigorating orange mint sugar scrub recipe!

3 c sugar

1 c grapeseed oil

orange essential oil

mint essential oil {I personally love spearmint}

Combine sugar & oil well. Add essential oil to preference, generally about 2/3 orange & 1/3 mint. Spoon into containers & add a few extra drops to the top of each scrub. Enjoy!

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