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Julie Blanner | Blogger, Entertaining Expert | Better Homes & Gardens Blogger We Love

Have you ever wanted to shout something you were excited about on the mountaintop? Well, I practically did! This week, while in Salt Lake City / Park City, the February issue of the Better Homes and Gardens magazine was released & I graced page 6! Yes, I am shouting it from the mountaintop. I am so honored to be included in the magazine and can’t help myself from sharing that excitement with you! Thank you for coming to read my entertaining, diy, home decor & gift-giving inspirations, thank you to Alea Lovely for my headshots, thank you to Kristen Clayville for capturing the excitement in these photographs & thank you to Better Homes and Gardens for selecting me as your Blogger of the Month! I know, this sounds like an awards speech, but fortunately for me, there is no music to end this abruptly. Finally, thank you to my mom, while no longer with us, is with me everyday, reminding me that being gracious, authentic, & kind will always pay off & I could do anything I dreamed in life, as long as I had passion.

Julie Blanner, Entertaining Expert & BHG Blogger of the Month

Julie Blanner - Blogger & Entertaining Expert

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