Announcing Aniston

Aniston was born January 3rd and our world has never been sweeter, nor more tiring!  Rachel with RPM Photography patiently and graciously captured our family when we got home from the hospital. Let’s face it…we were exhausted and hadn’t exactly established a routine yet.  I really enjoyed having our family photographed at home, just as we are. 

It just took a minute, maybe two, for Aniston to wrap her daddy around her tiny little fingers.

Adalyn couldn’t resist the opportunity to be photographed!

Adalyn’s favorite pastime is reading.

Our sweet little baby was fussy {and usually is}.  Much of our time is spent calming her, just as in the photo below.  I love that these moments have been captured.
Adalyn is making sure that daddy spends his time equally.

I am so lucky to have these sweet girls in my life.

Aniston seems to be inquisitive.

How can I resist these sweet little feet?  

and then there were 4!  

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    So sweet! LOVE the pictures!

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    So adorable!

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