DIY Wine Glass Holders | copper wine stakes tutorial

DIY Wine Stakes Glass Holder

These DIY Wine Stakes Glass Holders create convenience while picnicking, eliminating the risk of spilling a great glass of wine.
Course DIY
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 4
Author Julie Blanner
Cost 8



  • 6 gage copper wire {from the electrical section of the hardware store}


  • Working the copper with your hands, curve the end to hold a glass and cut to size. for picnic height, you'll want them to be just 12-16".
  • Using your wire cutters, cut the copper at an angle, so it will easily stake into the ground.
  • Sand the rough edgers to smooth the sharp edges.
  • Place your stake on a solid surface and push down with your hands to straighten it.
  • Make a U-shaped hook or a spiral to hold the glass.


To polish them, wet a paper towel and add a dash of Bar Keeper's friend and swipe it up and down the wine stake, and then rinse.