Wedding Advice | Tips for Registering

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  • Registering can be so fun and exciting, after all, it’s the biggest wish list you’ll write in your life.  Why not take one of everything?  Actually, there are several reasons.  Here is what I think every bride and groom should know about registering,  what I wish I had known nearly 4 years ago and what you truly need:

    1.  Registry guides are designed by retailers.  
    Of course they want you to request one of everything!  However, if you’ll never use it or don’t have the storage for it, what benefit is it to you?  
    2. Register only for what you truly want and need.
    Adding additional items just for more options may cause you to miss out on something you really wanted.  Consider ways to consolidate.  For example, a highball that will double as a pint glass or all purpose wine glasses that will accommodate red or white wine.  Your cabinets will thank you.
    If you are registering for china and every day place settings, do you really need more than service for 8 everyday ware?  
    3. Avoid seasonal items.
    They might seem like a good idea, but keeping up with your registry can easily become a part-time job. While you may be anxious to register, I recommend just 3-6 months before your big day or 1 month before your first shower.
    4. Be practical.
    Those wine glasses are gorgeous, but are they dishwasher safe?  
    Select basic linens in white or flax rather than patterns that will feel dated in 2 years.  Plus, they’ll coordinate with almost any style table you design whether it be to host a holiday or dinner party. 
    When selecting your linens and bath towels, remember that white can be bleached.
    5. Be gracious.
    While there isn’t a rule of etiquette against registering at multiple places, it may seem a bit over zealous to register at more than 2-3 places, not to mention that part-time job I told you this can easily become.  
    6. Keep in mind that registries are meant only as a suggestion to help ease the burden on the guest.  Therefore you should not include any inserts {regardless of what retailers may tell you} in an invitation.

    I hope these tips keep you from becoming overwhelmed and your home clutter free!

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