How to put a photo to canvas | easy art idea

Photo to Canvas Painting

Turn your favorite photo into a hand painted canvas.
Course DIY
Total Time 1 hour
Author Julie Blanner



  • a print out or full page view on your computer of your image
  • a variety of paint colors
  • Water


  • Sketch your main details.
  • Start by painting your main area the most dominant color. Allow to dry
  • Proceed to painting your second primary area, again in the most dominant color. Allow it to dry.
  • Begin painting the details in your main area, in a na alternative color or blend of colors. We didn't take it too literally, swirling and streaking with the brush.
  • Add in layers of details to the secondary section of your painting, again blending paints to create a more natural look.
  • Add final details.


  • Blending paints gives a painting depth
  • Layer- allow each layer to dry {often just a few minutes between each other}