Winter Flowers in the Breakfast Room

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These winter flowers are beautiful, accessible and easy to arrange with this step by step tutorial.

how to arrange winter flowers

Sometimes I feel I can barely pull it all together. The minutes and hours pass by as quickly as my to do list stacks up, but I love entertaining, creating and trying something new. This week for our Seasons of Home series, we’re sharing our dining rooms decorated for Christmas. Except…

I’m not. I thought we were sharing a a Christmas table setting today and I was became so excited with arranging winter flowers that I ran with it without thinking. I hope you enjoy another simple centerpiece tutorial – in our breakfast room! Oops!

non-traditional Christmas colors, winter flowers

Traditional red and green are so festive and beautiful, but I often enjoy the softer side of winter. These winter flowers were inspired by the pretty cedars with soft blue berries at the lake cottage and the beautiful peonies I couldn’t resist welcoming into our home when I found them at the grocery store yesterday.



thistle {optional}

cedar {can forage any greenery like pine or evergreen}

10 peonies {or your favorite large bud flower}

How to arrange winter flowers:

  1. Place one bunch of eucalyptus on the table so that the stems are centered. centerpiece with winter flowers
  2. Place a second bunch of eucalyptus on the table in the opposite direction. how to create a centerpiece with winter flowers
  3. Trim a third bunch of eucalyptus just below the leaves. centerpiece for Hannukah
  4. Add the trimmed eucalyptus to cover the stems in the center of the two bunches on the table. centerpiece for Hannukah
  5. Trim cedar into smaller branches adding 3-5 in the center of each side on top of the eucalyptus.non Christmas centerpiece
  6. Cut eucalyptus into short stems and layer on top of the cedar with sprigs come out at each direction, adding to create a centerpiece with winter flowers
  7. Cut thistle {optional} and peonies {or substitute your favorite flower} to 3″ and insert working from the top center of the centerpiece, working your way down on both sides. how to create a centerpiece with winter flowers

Arranging flowers is therapeutic to me – it’s so much fun and I’m proof it requires 0 talent. It’s completely up to interpretation. If you recreate one of my centerpiece, I’d love to see – just tag me on Instagram!

winter flowers | a simple centerpiece tutorial for non traditional Christmas colors

How do you feel about deviating from traditional red and green for Christmas?

winter place setting


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