Wine & Chocolate Gift Basket with DIY Molten Lava Cake Mix Gift

LAST UPDATED: Apr 03, 2020 | PUBLISHED: Dec 11, 2014 | By: Julie Blanner

Wine & Chocolate Gift basket with a molten lava cake kit & recipe!

I enjoy giving gifts even more than receiving them. It’s one of the many reasons I love the holidays! It gives me the opportunity to get creative and more importantly, thank those who have made our year so incredible. You know my affinity for wine and chocolate – the same applies to most of our friends.

I suppose my mom was right when she said “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” Actually, it’s one of my “secrets” to gift-giving. If you give your friends something you love, chances are they will, too. Well friends, I love peppermint chocolate molten cake and I think you will too!

I’m sharing the Molten Lava Cake recipe – it’s deceivingly easy to make and yet feels so decadent! I love the magic that happens when your fork pierces the cake…mmmm! I’m wrapping that thought up in a cellophane bag for gifting and including it with free printable instructions, a bottle of Cambria and potted paperwhites so they too can enjoy a beautiful blooming January! This wine and chocolate gift basket makes a great hostess gift.

Peppermint Molten Lava Cake mix gift with free printable instructions for easy gifting!

DIY Molten Lava Cake mix gift with free printable instructions for easy gifting!

To make the Peppermint Molten Lava Cake gift mix you’ll need:


Combine sugar, salt and flour. Pour into a smaller cellophane bag. Fold the top over twice and seal with a label toward the base of the bag. Add chocolate chips to a second small cellophane bag and seal. Add one bag on top of the other in a larger cellophane bag. Add peppermint* on the side, insert instructions and tie with a ribbon. It goes from that cute little gift bag to rich chocolate decadence with very little effort!

Peppermint Molten Lava Cake recipe in cupcake tins - incredibly easy Easy Peppermint Molten Lava Cakes made in cupcake tins. Get the simple recipe!

Peppermint Molten Lava Cake recipe in cupcake tins - incredibly easy

Create your own molten lava cake mix for gifting with this easy recipe & free printable instructions!

A gorgeous gift basket - great gift for the hostess or Christmas!

DIY herb wreath tutorial - a beautiful way to wrap & gift a bottle of wine

If you plan to gift just a bottle of wine, forgo a gift bag and create an herb wreath! It takes less than 5 minutes and is so easy!

How to Create and Herb Wreath



thyme, rosemary or oregano {shown with thyme}

fishing line


  1. Select your herbs and arrange them in opposite directions so that the stems meet and overlap in the middle.
  2. Tie the middle of your herbs together with fishing line. Act like you’re adding the wreath to the bottle and see what sprigs pop out. Tie those – I usually use 3-4 ties in all.
  3. Place the wreath around your bottle and secure the ends together with fishing line.

Gorgeous gift basket filled with wine, potted paperwhites for a beautiful January & an easy molten lava cake mix!

What are you excited to gift this Christmas?


This post is sponsored by Cambria Wines. As always, all ideas & opinions are my own.


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