Wedding Shower Gift | Glass Cloche

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After spending hundreds of dollars and several hours designing the perfect bouquet, they are often tossed aside for lack of something to do with it.  One of the services I offer my clients is to dry their bouquets for them.  It’s a sentimental and unique piece to grace your bedroom, daughter’s bedroom or addition to your dining room.  You may remember this beautiful bouquet filled with peonies, anenomes and garden roses {created by Erin Volante Floral and photographed by RPM Photography}….
it would have been a shame to dispose it, so I dried the bouquet.
Drying Instructions:
Using dental floss, tie around just above the ribbon, then bring it through a few stems, again, just above the ribbon.  Tie the other end of dental floss around a hanger and hang so blooms are upside down in dark, dry closet {choose one that will have limited access due to the delicate nature of the bouquet}.  
To protect it, I recommend using a glass cloche or English bell jar.  It will protect the fragile flowers and eliminate any risk of dust.  As you may have noticed, a bouquet will shrink in width when dried and each bouquet will vary in size.  I recommend purchasing one at least 11″ in diameter and 13″ tall.  This fits most standard bouquets.
It’s a gift that the bride can cherish forever in her home.


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