How To Acheive Minimalist Living


A minimalist lifestyle might not be what you think. Read on to learn more about becoming a minimalist- the easy way!

Start Small

This will help you make it a sustainable lifestyle instead of a phase.

Designate Chaos Space

The basement is another example for that. You have to allow chaos to live somewhere when you have children. It is that one place where kids can be kids, get creative, make a mess and I don’t have to repeat myself 9 times begging them to pick it up.

Get Everyone Involved

We try to make de-cluttering and organizing an adventure. I assign each kiddo a task like “collect all the markers”, “see how fast you can fill this trash bag” or “all dress up clothes in this bin”.


Take it one space at a time and ask yourself: Does it serve a purpose? Do you use it? Does it bring you joy? If you answered no to any of these questions, let it go. Pare down to the things you really love and need. The rest is just “stuff”.


Assess how you use the space and could use it better. Bookcases are valuable space that are under-utilized. Rather than decorate with trinkets, we added baskets which hold household items. They were just consuming space in a kitchen cabinet, but can be used when hosting get togethers.

Blend Design and Function

I love the way a wardrobe looks in a family room, but it consumes significant space, so it needs to be functional as well. We removed the coat closet in our foyer so in the winter it accommodates coats and in the summer, the same side is filled with throws we’re not using. Drawers hold games, candles, and pillow covers.

Minimalist Living