Amazon Gadgets



Sometimes you just need a quick fix or a simple solution! Fortunately, there are so many amazing Amazon Gadgets that make life easier. 

Smart Garage Door Sensor

You can open and close your garage door from your home and even set it to ensure it closes at the same time every day.

Wifi Extender

Boost your wifi and extend your area up to 2300 square feet with this extender.

Dry Phone Case

This phone pouch fits almost any phone and provides a vacuum tight seal. Keep your phone safe for all of your water activities while staying connected.

Shower Head

This shower head is less than $19 and turns your shower into a spa! It’s highly rated by both Amazon users and our guests!

Oil Sprayer

Don’t want to douse your salad or dinner in oil? Spritz it with this easy to use oil sprayer. It evenly distributes flavor coating the lettuce while preventing it from becoming soggy.

Wet Dry Shop Vac

Everyone needs a good wet dry shop vac and this Amazon gadget has saved us all too many times when we’ve had water issues, spills and more. It hangs neatly on the wall of our garage, but is easy to remove. 

Touch Up Kit

Have a scuff or nick? Don’t fret! Use a touch up pen and wax stick! I made my grandmother’s dining room set look like new with this $9.99 quick fix!

Amazon Gadgets