Tips to Organize your Bedroom Closet

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Easy ideas to organize your bedroom closet

1. Remove everything & start fresh. It’s amazing what you find when you start by removing it all – even if by one section at a time. I discovered that I no longer wanted/needed a lot of what was in my closet. Clothes that no longer fit my body or style, things that don’t belong there {like baby dolls!} I love Apartment Therapy’s tip to see what you’re really wearing…flip your hangers around & after a month remove anything with a reversed hanger.

2. Donate or consign. I love these tips from Pretty Polished Perfect on what you should be consigning.

3. Be consistent with your hangers. Choose 1 type & stick with it. I love wood or felt hangers. It spaces your clothing evenly, not allowing anything to become hidden. Even if you’re using plastic hangers, use the same size & color. It will become a neutral permitting you to focus on the clothing without distraction.

4. Hang your clothes first based on type, then by color. i.e.: pants from left to right, black to white. I don’t completely follow the color rule, but should!

5. Don’t waste space. Add additional closet rods if needed, without having to drill a hole. Use extra shelves for folded sweaters – make every inch work for your lifestyle!

6. Find a system that works for you to organize your shoes. I love shoe cubes or shoe shelves.

A step in closet converted to a custom walk-in closet with kits from Lowe's - an easy DIY afternoon project!

7. Create places for your accessories. A jewelry stand easily displays costume jewelry, a cigar box is great to store ties & a baseball glove is a catch all. Get creative with it.

Tips & tricks for organizing your closet

Easy & inexpensive ideas to organize your closet

Tips to organize your bedroom closet

Family heirlooms - even old baseball gloves style a man's closet with functionality

Click here to see how we transformed our step in closet to a walk in closet, maximizing space!

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