Tips for Creating a Registry

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  • I just sat down to enjoy the Winter 2013 issue of EA Bride magazine, where you’ll find my tips for registering for shower and wedding gifts. Enjoy a few excerpts. For the full article, pick up a copy or click here to read more about my tips for registering {pages 70-72}.

    1. Register at the right time:
    I recommend waiting to register until three to six months before your wedding or one month before your first shower.

    2. Choose your stores wisely:
    Consider larger retails as well as local ones. It’s about finding a balance of what you like.

    3. Pick two or three places and no more than one local store:
    Don’t overwhelm your guests or yourself with too many registries. It can become a full-time job. WHile local retailers are great choices, keep out of town guests in mind too.

    4. Only select items you’ll truly use:
    Be selective. Only register for what you truly want or need, regardless of your guest list.

    5. Keep quantities realistic:
    Registry guides are designed by retailers, so of course they’ll tell you to request “12 of each.” However, if you don’t need it, won’t use it or have the storage for it, ask yourself what the benefit is to you.

    6. Consider your lifestyle:
    Are you an entertaining enthusiast or do you usually cook for two? Register appropriately. Keep in mind the care that your new items will require.

    7. Think long-term:
    Choose basic linens over patterns that may feel dated in a year or two and that will coordinate with almost any style table you design.

    8. Be prepared for returns:
    You may receive duplicates. Most stores that you register at keep returns simple if you registered there.

    9. Keep your guests in mind:
    Include plenty of options ensuring everyone can find a gift idea that fits his or her budget. It’s great to vary price points. Registries are meant as a suggestion, and therefore, I discourage any inserts or notation on the invitations about where you’ve registered. Guests can find your registry through your wedding website or by asking your shower hostesses or bridal party.

    and you’ll live happily ever after…
    {image via Alea Lovely}

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