Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

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A gallery wall
I have been longing for a gallery wall in our stairwell.  I’m not one to have a lot of family photos throughout the home, but have always wanted a wall of them near the entryway.  This post will continue to grow as I share how I transformed craft store modern frames into beautiful gallery frames and share the actual hanging of the wall.
1)  Once all of the frames were converted and painted, I laid them out to achieve the desired look.  Doing so will let you know if you want to adjust the number of frames, size of frames, direction of photos you will choose, etc.  Below, I decided on 3 anchor 8×10 frames that slope with the stairwell and will hold 3 vertical photographs, 2 vertical 5×7’s and 2 horizontal 5×7’s. {Please pardon the iPhone photo and the fact that I ran out of spray paint.  It’s not always perfect here on 91st Street.}
Picture frames scattered on the floor
2)   I selected some of my favorite photos, putting them into a folder on my desktop. 
3)   In Microsoft Word, I imported photos and arranged them in a number of ways, both in color and black and white.  From this, I selected my favorites and favorite arrangements.  Far easier than having all of them printed and swapping them into different frames.  This also assured me that I like the placement I had laid out on the floor earlier, BEFORE putting holes in the wall.
This third step helped me realize that our honeymoon photo {on the far right} would fit better with the overall wall if lightened.  Creating your layout also serves as a guide for ordering your photos, ensuring you order each in the appropriate size.  
Sample layout:
A gallery wall
Click here for the final result!