The Lake House that Might Have Been

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breakfast room decor - beautiful chandelier, traditional rug, wood dining set and art

It sounds like a sad country song. In fact, I can hear the words from Little Texas as I write. However, I know what is meant to be, will be. In early February, we purchased a lake house in a great neighborhood, on a gentle slope with a dock behind it. It seems like those are difficult to come by at the lake we want to vacation on, so we overlooked that the house needed a lot of updates. But assured that it was a good, solid house, we were ready for the challenge. In fact, I had renovated and decorated the entire house {in my head/online} before finding out a few weeks in the home was covered in mold.

We gave it a lot of consideration and decided it was not in our best interest to proceed, yet I keep dreaming about those simple designs and how often little tweaks can make a big impact. Not to be wasteful, I’m going to share our plans and continue singing “What Might’ve Been” until we find a lake cottage we can relax and enjoy. I’m hoping I can implement at least a few of these concepts into  a lake home soon.


The living room and breakfast room- where to start? Well, scrubbing the moss of the fireplace and removing all of the dated black, for starters. A thicker bream, creamy mocha painted ceiling and continuous hardwood floors. French doors and new lighting never hurt, either.

Breakfast Room:

breakfast room decor - beautiful chandelier, traditional rug, wood dining set and art

What I had envisioned was a blend of these two breakfast rooms from Linda Merrill and Spitzmiller and Norris. Cream walls, painted ceiling, expansive french doors, a traditional rug, wood furniture, gorgeous art and the chandelier above {where can I find it?} to make all of my dreams come true!

beautiful breakfast room with painted ceiling

The Living Room:


I took the inspiration for our living room from one of our favorite destinations at the lake, Big Cedar. Leather chair, white slipcovered sofa, basket on the fireplace and creamy wall color. However, I would have paired it with a subdued traditional rug.


The Kitchen:


I envisioned gutting the kitchen, including soffits and minimizing. We were planning a freestanding island with stools to seat 5 with a built in fridge.


As I mentioned before, the paint colors were partially inspired by Big Cedar. They feel so warm. I had intended to paint the builder’s grade vanity in the powder room and replace the larger mirror with a custom wood mirror and update it with bronze hardware.

The Master Bedroom:


The master bedroom is on the opposite wall of the fireplace, leaving an exposed stone wall. We had planned to blast it as well and add a gorgeous piece of art. It would have received hardwoods as well, and eventually, french doors to enjoy the lake view. Steve and Brooke Giannetti were my inspiration for this room, but I just may implement a few of these ideas into our master bedroom at home instead.


Well, I may not have a lake house, but I feel better now. Fingers crossed!