Teacher Gift | Mother’s Day Gift

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As you likely noticed from my blogs, gifts that multi-purpose tend to be a favorite of mine.  A mint julep cup is classic, timeless and has the ability to be used in so many different ways.  Give a teacher or mother a mint julep cup filled with fresh flowers.
beautiful Mother's Day gift that can be used in so many unique ways at www.julieblanner.com
I filled mine with beautiful peonies, fresh from my garden.
I just love the texture and vibrant color.  They smell absolutely beautiful as well.
What a beautiful way to say “thank you, for all that you do.”
Just one alternative way to repurpose is a pen holder!
It can also be used:
 as a candle holder, just insert a pillar
a jewelry display, insert a foam base and then insert branches to hang necklaces
food/beverage display – fill with straws, pretzel sticks or bread sticks

mini loaves of bread gift wrapped