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Table Rock Retreat

Our retreat was sponsored in-part by Mediavine, a leading ad management company for lifestyle sites.

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have noticed that I held a retreat last week at #calmwatercottage. After months of planning, it was a dream come true.

flowers to be arranged

A couple years ago we purchased the lake cottage and began to renovate it. We always planned to host family and friends, but I never dreamed some of those friends would be bloggers.

wood table

Our home is nestled in Southwest Missouri – a far trek for most, as it’s four hours from a major airport. That didn’t deter Inspired by Charm, Boxwood Avenue and Pizzazzerie from traveling across the US, hopping flights to a tiny little airport and then driving an additional hour to spend the week together.

entertaining website

As a 10+ year blogger I have learned that it’s not just the conference, but those conversations in between that leave me feeling inspired, empowered and ready to grow. After the fun and success of the retreat I attended last year in Round Top Texas, I decided to elaborate on those conversations and host my own retreat.

how to make the best sandwiches

best sandwich

I enlisted the help of brand partners Mediavine {who manages my ads, has saved my site and helped enhance it more times than I can count}, Terlato Wines and Bob’s Red Mill to make the retreat happen, and invited friends who I felt had different perspectives and strengths that compliment one another.

site audit

It could have gone terribly wrong, but it was a huge success! I’m feeling more inspired than ever after learning new styling and photography tips, how to optimize our sites for speed, how to make them more searchable and user friendly and so much more. We mixed business with pleasure spending mornings at the cottage focused on helping one another achieve their goals and afternoons boating and venturing across the lake to one of my favorite destinations.

outdoor entertaining

In case you missed it, here are a few glimpses into our week in case you’re curious what bloggers really do when we get together {hint: selfies and lots of iPhone photos}!

champagne on boat


Lisa {Farmhouse on Boone}, myself and Chloe {Boxwood Avenue}

blogger retreat

boat champagne

lifestyle bloggers

Michael {Inspired by Charm}, myself, Courtney {Pizzazzerie}, Chloe {Boxwood Avenue}, Emma {A Beautiful Mess}

host retreat

At Top of the Rock

things to do in Branson

sunset table rock lake

sunset at top of the rock

Each night at sunset a bagpiper plays to celebrate another day in the Ozarks and the canon is fired.

canon at sunset

We call this one the ghost of Michael, but I still love it because without them, I’m not sure I could manage being a wife, mother and business owner…they make work so much fun and so much easier through sharing their knowledge.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a glimpse into our week!

entertaining expert and lifestyle blogger Julie Blanner



11 comments on “Table Rock Retreat”

  1. Looks like you all had a blast. I would bet that there was a ton of information shared and learning done as well. Thanks for sharing all of the great pictures. What an inspiring week for you.

  2. Thanks for sharing and giving us a little insight into what you bloggers do – the behind the scenes is a lot of work.  Your posts are always so informative and the photos stunning!  I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Ozarks!  Top of the Rock is always breathtaking anytime of year.  Thanks for listing everyone’s blogs-I now have theirs on my favs! Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.

  3. James Earl Fraser’s sculpture, (The) End of the Trail, was inspired by Marion Manville Pope’s poem:

    The trail is lost, the path is hid, and the winds that blow from the ages sweep me on to that chill borderland where Time’s spent sands engulf lost peoples and lost trails.

    I am a docent at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO (one of K.C.’s gems). We use a small replica of this sculpture on our student tours. The one at Table Rock is truly stunning and I am so glad to see it in your photos.

    • So beautiful! Have you been to the Top of the Rock Museum? They elaborate on it as well and do an incredible job focusing on the history of Missouri. I miss Nelson-Atkins as we haven’t returned since we relocated to St. Louis.

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  5. That sunset picture of the sculpture is beyond beautiful! I adore your outdoor table and chairs. Will you share the source please?

  6. Whaaaat!? Omg. I’m in Farmington, a blogger, with Mediavine (saw this in the FB gropu) and visit Table Rock OFTEN! It’s such a small, small world!
    The retreat looks amazing, and I would have LOVED to be there with you all. So fun! I’m so happy to “know” you now, and will for sure be following along! XO,

    • Smaller than you’d think! My grandpa opened Johnson Shut-Ins, mm ancestors are buried there, we owned a couple homes and a lot of property in that area and would frequently visit my Great Aunt in Farmington before she passed. I just visited Pickle Springs 2 weeks ago! Hope to meet you sometime!

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