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Sunday Simmer

even though it’s Monday!

Make your trip to Napa Valley memorable with these tips to get the most out of the experience

Ready for a lot of random thoughts?

The weekend has continued for us as we wrapped up our visit to Dry Creek. You can always catch my adventures on Instagram stories!

I’m feeling so inspired after the MediaVine conference hosted at Google headquarters, which I had the opportunity to speak at! I can’t say I’ll be doing that again, as I will never be a strong public speaker, but hoped that others are feeling as inspired as I am!

Target’s latest collaboration is with Hunter! I can’t wait to see the full line and hope to get my hands on a few things.

Y’all are cracking me up on Facebook. Thanks for making returning to home and work this Monday afternoon feel easy.

Feeling meh about Instagram?

I’m decorating the lake cottage this spring and will take the entire catalog, please. TBD on how I will make it happen! I request catalogs and treat them like magazines for inspiration.

My sister watched the girls while we were away and Isla {4} lectured her on drinking a soda. She ran upstairs, grabbed this sheet and said “see, I told you.” Point taken, cutie pie. Now how do I stop?

I’m working on so many projects right now including free spring printables, our spring home tour, master bedroom update and thanks to advice from you on Instagram, beautiful bedding! Sign up here so you don’t miss a thing!

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