Pork chops make such an easy, affordable dinner – but what do you serve with them? This round up of 20 incredible sides for pork chops will be all the inspiration you need!

From salads, to pastas, potatoes, veggies and more – these are the best side dishes for pork chops. There’s something for everyone in this complete recipe guide!

baked apple slices side dish
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Pork chops are such a classic dinner! But while it’s easy to to decide on the main dish for a weeknight dinner, we sometimes leave the side dish as an afterthought.

If that’s your situation, you’re in the right place! These 20 sides for pork chops are easy to make, with minimal hands on time and all the delicious flavors you crave!

From cold salads to cheesy, decadent pasta dishes, there’s sure to be a new family favorite in this guide.

Use the drop down Table of Contents menu to navigate this post with ease, and don’t forget to pin and save for later! Let’s get started.

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Sides for Pork Chops

I love creating these guides for you! I hope they come in handy when you’re searching for the easiest, fastest side dishes around.

Each recipe link below will take you to a full post, answering your questions and giving you all my best tips and tricks. Or, head straight to the free printable recipe card for all the details you need.


  • No matter the entrée, a veggie side dish or salad can help bring a wholesome meal together in just minutes. It’s all about the balance!
  • Many our favorite vegetable recipes are so versatile! Try one of our incredible homemade seasoning blends to make them uniquely your own.
  • Looking for more pork inspiration? Don’t miss my best pulled pork sides!

Side Dishes for Pork Chops

Click through for a free printable recipe card for each of these delicious recipes!

Baked Apple Slices

Easy Baked Apple Slices are one of the most iconic sides for pork chops. Just take a look at these pork medallions with apple cider glaze… the combination just works beautifully!

Thrown together with fresh apples, butter, cinnamon and sugar, they couldn’t be easier!

When you serve them warm, fragrant and perfectly tender, baked apples make for such a memorable dish in the fall, and all year long.

baked apples in a white baking dish

Simple Spring Salad Mix

Full of vibrant fruits, pecans and cheese, you can prep the salad at home and whip up some vinaigrette and have a fresh, gorgeous salad that kids love as much as adults!

The ingredients in this salad are simple and colorful and with some easy presentation it will look like you’ve put much more effort into it than you really have!

A white bowl full of a fresh pot luck salad, wooden spoons to the side..

Apple Salad Recipe

This is a fresh, crunchy Apple Salad that is full of flavor! It’s a sweet and savory Apple Salad Recipe with butter lettuce and wholesome ingredients.

This leafy green Apple Salad Recipe features fresh produce and ingredients like butter lettuce, crisp apples, red and green onions, and maytag blue cheese. Yum.

Apple Salad Recipe

Garlic Smashed Potatoes

Garlic Smashed Potatoes make an impressive appetizer or easy side dish. They are boiled, smashed and baked with olive oil and garlic until crisp, then garnished with herbs or parmesan.

garlic smashed potatoes on plate

Truffle Fries

Truffle Fries are a fun and easy twist on french fries that are full of irresistible flavor! A drizzle of truffle oil and a sprinkling of Parmesan, parsley, and sea salt make these oven-baked fries absolutely heavenly!

These gourmet fries are so good, you’ll make them again and again! Dip them in this easy Truffle Aioli and your life will change for the better.

truffle fries with Parmesan and parsley on a sheet pan

Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes (Glazed Sweet Potatoes)

This Sweet and Salty Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes recipe makes an easy crowd-pleasing side dish. No one can resist these Glazed Sweet Potatoes. You only need 4 simple ingredients and 10 minutes to prep.

roasted sweet potatoes in a white oval baking dish

Corn Casserole (Cheesy Corn)

It’s the perfect blend of sweet, crunchy corn and salty, creamy cheeses. It comes together so quickly and it’s such a flexible option for parties- sure to be a crowd pleaser!

This recipe can be made entirely on the stovetop, which makes this Cheesy Corn Dip recipe so creamy and really quick and easy to make.

cheesy corn casserole in casserole dish

Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe

A must have, melt in your mouth sweet potato casserole recipe that is a crowd pleasing side dish for pork chops. This dish will wow your family, while taking just 10 minutes hands on time to make!

A white oval baking dish filled with a sweet potato casserole, spoon lifting out a serving.

Roasted Baby Carrots

These Roasted Baby Carrots are a simple, colorful side dish that even your kids will love! The addition of fresh dill creates a savory and sweet balance that makes these carrots oh-so-delicious.

With just a couple minutes of hands on time, they couldn’t be easier to make. Minimal ingredients and a sheet pan makes clean-up a breeze… the oven does all the work of caramelizing these beauties to perfection!

White oval serving platter with roasted dill carrots.

Italian Vegetables

Served alongside any of your favorite dinner entrees, Italian Vegetables are seasoned and oven-roasted to perfection. Italian Roasted Vegetables are rustic, simple and so beautiful to serve!

Ivory oval ceramic bowl filled with roasted Italian vegetables, gold serving spoon to the side.

Fiesta Ranch Baked Cauliflower

This Fiesta Ranch Baked Cauliflower is going to spice up your life! (Or at the very least, spice up your dinner!) This effortless Roasted Cauliflower with ranch is a deliciously healthy side dish.

baked cauliflower with parmesan and ranch in a serving bowl

Brussel Sprouts

This Crispy Brussel Sprouts Recipe is bursting with flavor! Brussel Sprouts with pancetta and shallots are sauteed into a fragrant, textural side dish that will leave your family begging for more.

These brussel sprouts are a richly flavored side dish, and so beautiful to serve! They compliment a wide variety of protein entrees and are well-suited for many of the healthy lifestyle plans that are popular today.

Close-up of sauteed brussels sprouts, pancetta and shallots.

Low Carb Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

An easy Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes recipe is all you need to replace carbs with veggies. It’s so simple and absolutely delicious. With a few tips and tricks (shh…it’s cream cheese!) along the way, no one will ever know it’s mashed cauliflower!

cauliflower mashed potatoes with rosemary in a white platter with gold spoon

Light And Flavorful Broccoli Pasta

This amazing Broccoli Pasta is a one-pot wonder made with just seven ingredients in minutes! Use staples, fresh or frozen ingredients to whip up this delicious pasta broccoli dish.

Quick, easy and flavorful dinners have become essential to our busy family life! Especially when they require just a few staple ingredients.

This simple pasta dish comes together quickly, which works well for the girls’ attention spans. It takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish!

A white plate filled with broccoli pasta, blue napkin behind.

Firehouse Green Beans With Bacon

Step aside green bean casserole, Green beans with Bacon are an easy, last-minute side dish for holidays with the best blend of garlic, parmesan and bacon that will have green bean haters begging for the recipe!

This is one of the best sides for pork chops, made in less than 10 minutes with just a handful of ingredients.

Easy green beans - better than a casserole, but just as quick!

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Indoors our out, this grilled sweet corn is the ultimate side dish. Cooked in a skillet for stove top corn on the cob, or grilled more traditionally, it’s made with just two ingredients.

Even better? It’s ready to serve in less than 10 minutes. It’s delightfully smoky, juicy and full of flavor whether it’s cooked on the grill no matter how you cook it!

Grilled corn on the cob on a white plate for a side dish for fish

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Homemade sweet potato gnocchi is so much easier than you might think. This is a simple vegetarian sweet potato gnocchi recipe, with a fresh and healthy spin on a traditional Italian dish. It makes a quick and easy weeknight dinner!

It takes just 20 minutes to prep this delicious meal and can even be made ahead of time! This sweet potato gnocchi recipe is tossed in a light brown butter sage sauce that will leave your family begging for more.

A white plate with sweet potato gnocchi and a gold fork

Pasta Con Broccoli

Pasta con Broccoli is an incredible Italian dish with broccoli and mushrooms, tossed in an amazing tomato cream sauce. This one pot dinner is made start to finish in less than 20 minutes!

We love Pasta con Broccoli because of its rich cream sauce with a hint of tomato, paired with tender mushrooms and broccoli. It is irresistible, and stands on its own or as a fabulous side dish for pork chops!

pasta con broccoli in a white bowl

Seasoned Green Beans

When it comes to side dishes, I love using seasonal produce that is super fresh and full of family-friendly flavor. Of course, they have to be quick and easy too. These easy seasoned green beans tick all the boxes!

A white bowl full of seasoned green beans, gold fork for serving.

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