Why this Room Works

LAST UPDATED: Apr 25, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Oct 30, 2014 | By: Julie Blanner

See why this room works - simple tips to make a space great!

This image is one of my most pinned images & last night, I took a step back to contemplate why. Honestly, I’m not a mind reader & I’m not sure exactly why it has been pinned time & time again, but I’m going to speculate.

It’s light, bright & calming. I originally posted this photograph of my dining room in a post about the neutral paint palette we used throughout our previous home.  Obviously bold & beautiful always works as well!

It’s not perfect. I never completed the room & only added makeshift art. Something most can relate to.

It’s a blend of old & new. The chandelier was original to the home, the bar cart & harvest table were Craigslist finds I revitalized. The piano was my Grandmother’s, the dresser {not shown} a Great, Great Grandmother’s & only the chairs were new. Even some of the accessories were family heirlooms. The lesson? There’s something beautiful in the history of a piece.

I used mixed metals. Brass, pewter, tarnished silver – combining them adds a little depth.

It’s layered. The chairs have pillows & throws to make the room a little more cozy. I added a burlap table runner for texture.

It gives you a glimpse into another space. You catch just a glimpse the stairwell.

It’s relatable. Do you have a space that’s incomplete or that you’d like to take further? A room with furniture that you never really intended to live in the space? This room is everyday life. That’s why it’s beautiful. It’s a reflection of us, our history & how we like to celebrate with friends.

Great lighting is always a must. It’s one place I’m willing to invest in a home. This was a rare instance where I didn’t have to.

I decided to dissect our dining room because I realized there’s perfection in imperfection. That’s something I desperately need to remember as we remodel & decorate our new home. Embrace how far you’ve come & tweak it along the way. It makes a room more interesting & often, more beautiful.

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What do you think? What are your favorite elements of a space?