Residency Graduation Party

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What do you do when you are in between two weddings and need to host a party yourself?  You keep it simple.  I know, difficult to believe an event coordinator can do that, but it is wedding season!  Last week, I hosted a residency graduation party at our local micro brewery. I wanted to keep the decor masculine and efficient, and unfortunately, fresh beer hops are impossible to find this time of year!
I created and adhered custom beer labels {printed of kraft paper} to recycled beer bottles and filled them with dried wheat grass.  I referenced his graduation year and noted 4% medical school, 3% residency documenting his years of training.  Believe it or not, I printed and covered all of the bottles in just 5 minutes with the use of double stick tape.



Tables were covered in kraft paper {purchased by the roll in the stationary section} to lighten up the room and provide a cohesive feel.


I promise you, those lights are not mine!  I love a unique card box and this antique leather doctor’s bag was just perfect for the occasion.  


The beauty of covering tables with kraft paper is that you can personalize them.  Above, I used a gold paint marker to share an appropriate quote.


Chris, Adalyn and I enjoying the celebration!  Thank you to Lori for photographing such a special occasion!  

mini loaves of bread gift wrapped