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cozy master bedroom

Wow! You all overwhelm me with your kindness & curiosity! I am so thankful I decided to do a reader survey {with a giveaway, I might add} & for your unbelievably thoughtful responses! If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, I’d really love to hear from you! As responses roll in, I’ll be sharing answers integrated in blog posts, but today, I’m dedicating a post to your questions & results so far!

You want to see more of our “new” home. I’m on it! It’s a process & I’m proud to say that I try to live a balanced life so it’s nowhere near being completed, nor do I have anything hanging on the walls with the exception of the girls’ rooms. However, there are plenty of projects in the works – okay, swirling in my head, that I look forward to sharing with you! Specifically, someone asked to see the kitchen. I didn’t realize that I’ve yet to share it! I look forward to sharing my full plans for this space, without doing a complete gut – or painting all of the cabinetry. I think it can be done & I love a challenge. This 80’s kitchen is it! Stop by to see our in progress photos here.

tradtional 80's kitchen

You want more DIY’s. I didn’t realize that I haven’t been sharing a lot of them lately. Because the blog tends to be a documentary of what I’m doing, I haven’t had a lot. I’ve been focused on the holidays & birthdays, but watch out, I have a lot of progress to make as I mentioned above! That warning it truly for Chris. Should someone tell him?

You like cookies. That’s just one of the many reasons I love you!

You want more sources. Absolutely! I will start to include more sources immediately & reference other articles that may be helpful to you.

You want to see the good, the bad & the ugly. I tend to only share a project at a time & closeups because I’m always limited on time. Like myself, our house isn’t always perfect. I’ve attempted to create easy storage solutions for both us & the girls, but let’s be honest, I have to pick up before guests come over! Maybe I should do something similar to Kelly of Studio DIY’s “Can’t crop this”?

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Thanks again! I hope your week is off to an equally great start!


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