Pass the time in the car with this super fun, family road trip scavenger hunt bingo game. These road trip bingo card boards are perfect for long car rides with kids. You can enjoy this fun game as much as you like with my free printable game boards! I’ve also included my favorite road trip playlist.

free printable road trip bingo and road trip playlist
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Last summer, our dreams came true when Chris and I purchased a lake house four hours away from our home.

When we bought it, we thought we would be there a couple times a month. Little did we know we’d love it even more than we ever dreamed, and we’ve been wearing a path between the two ever since. 

Our dreams multiplied this January when we ordered a boat. Our lake neighbor, Marlin, informed us that we can even venture to Neodosha, Kansas, to tour the factory where they’re made to watch as they build our boat. Pretty fun, right?

free printable road trip bingo cards | family games for a long drive

Road Trip Games

Spending hours on the road with three little girls can be a bit challenging, but with the help of activities it’s fun and adventurous. We’ve played countless rounds of the United States license plate game, and so I thought it was time to add to our game collection.

Road Trip Bingo Boards Free Printable

I made these road trip bingo cards to keep the girls occupied {and to keep me and Chris sane}. I considered the idea of just purchasing this item, but thought it would be more fun creating my own game! 

They love the challenge! Using washi tape {which is removable} the girls cross off each item as they spot it, which keeps them attentive and allows us to focus on the road. 

With spring break and plenty of weekend traveling ahead, I made these road trip bingo cards as free printables for you and your family to enjoy as well.

free printable road trip bingo cards | family games for a long drive

Car Bingo Options for all Ages

If you have a wide range of ages for your road trip, this game can be customized to your situation. For younger children, they can check off the items they see and when they’ve reached 5 in a row, they have completed the round and can call out BINGO. To make it more challenging for older kids, they might have to fill out the entire board before they can call out bingo! 

For our girls we used washi tape which is removable and we were able to reuse our bingo boards. Other options include marking off the items you find with crayon, washable markers, or colored pencils.

How to Play Car Bingo 

Bingo is a fun classic game that has been around for hundreds of years  and is enjoyed by people of all ages. Typically this game is played at a table with one person calling out various numbers pulled out of a bowl. 

Road Trip Bingo is a fun variation that is specifically made to play in the car. Instead of numbers in each square on the board, there are items one would typically find along the road.

As each individual spots something that is named on their board, they can mark it off using the method you choose. (example: washi tape, crayons, markers, etc) Once an individual has an entire row marked off, they can call out BINGO and they have won that round.

Prizes for Car Bingo

This is totally optional, but you could also include small prizes for each winner. This is especially enjoyable for small children and the token could be another small inexpensive activity to keep the fun and games going!

Road Trip Playlist 

If you’re like me, no road trip is complete without a playlist. So while your kiddos are in the back checking off their road trip bingo cards, you can kick back and relax to my roadtrip playlist.

  • On the Road Again – Willie Nelson
  • Runnin Down a Dream – Tom Petty
  • Send Me on My Way – Rusted Root
  • Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
  • Drivin’ My Life Away – Eddie Rabbitt
  • Castaway – Zac Brown Band 
  • Da Da Da (I Don’t Love You You Don’t Love Me Aha Aha Aha – Trio
  • Ooh La La – Faces
  • American Pie – Don McLean
  • Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan 
  • You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – Counting Crows
  • Caravan – Van Morrison 
  • Hanging Around – Counting Crows
  • Highwayman – The Highwayman, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kris Krisofferson 
  • Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show
  • Feels Just Like It Should – Pat Green
  • I Keep Going – Caamp

More Music Playlists

  • Thanksgiving Playlist – Thanksgiving favorites everybody loves and will enjoy during meal preparations, dinner, and even clean up! 
  • White Christmas Playlist – Enjoy the season with this relaxing and classic playlist. The perfect background to decorating for the holiday or playing during Christmas brunch. 
  • Holly Jolly Christmas Playlist – This upbeat Christmas playlist is what you’ll find my singing too this holiday season as I deck the halls and decorate cookies. 
  • 4th of July Playlist – A mix of musical genres to please everyone’s tastes, this patriotic playlist is perfect to liven up your celebration. 
  • I love sharing fun music ideas with you! As a bonus, don’t miss these uplifting songs!
the best playlist for a long road trip with classic songs everyone will enjoy

Safe travels!

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  1. Car bingo is such a great idea. We use to play the license plate game, but this is definitely an upgrade! Thanks for sharing.

    xo Michael

  2. These are so great! The bingo cards are SO beautifully designed. Definitely will be put to use this summer!

  3. I love this post! We used to play BINGO on road trips when we were younger. 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Love the Bingo cards. I have 2 sets that we used to use (kids are older now) during road trips to Disneyland and Grandma’s and Papa’s. One of them was “roadkill bingo” and the other was the standard travel bingo. Kept them entertained for hours!