Photographing and Documenting Your Children

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Adalyn recently approached her half birthday, and I realized, I have very few photos actually documenting ages.  I photographed Adalyn {and currently Aniston} documenting each month from 1-12 {click here for details and ideas}.  However, beyond that, I have just been snapping photos aimlessly.  Of course I spotted an idea on Pinterest that I couldn’t resist doing for myself.  I can’t wait to continue this quick idea as the girls grow to document their favorite things.  I love that it replaces the need to keep a book beyond one year as well!  Fortunately, I had a cute photograph from our vacation last week to work with.  
A little bit about Adalyn
Use a wall or an open backdrop like above to take a photograph of your child.  Just add text!  I used Photoshop, but if you’re unfamiliar, you can generally use the preview option on your computer or even Microsoft Word!
Thanks to The Jobling Family for such adorable ideas!