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Easy DIY Photo Centerpieces

How to make photo centerpieces to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding shower or rehearsal.
For my brother & sister-in-law’s rehearsal dinner, I created photo centerpieces that also doubled as table numbers. They’re incredibly easy to make!
  • Using engagement photos, add numbers to each photo in photoshop. You can have them printed at Costco, Walgreens, CVS, or online through services like Snapfish, but do not print them at home, home printed photos bleed.
  • Gently curl the photograph to insert the photo into the vase.
  • Fill with water. Yes, they are just everyday photographs submerged in water.

The photographs become more vibrant when amplified by water and subtly hide flower stems. It is a very simple photo centerpiece that anyone can create for a shower, milestone birthday party or anniversary party!
You can also simply submerge a photo and add floating candles.

33 comments on “Easy DIY Photo Centerpieces”

  1. Beautiful! I love the simplicty of the arrangements, but very creative! Thanks for the idea!

  2. what an awesome idea! Did u put floating candles in the vase too and then added the flowers? I’m thinking of doing this for my parents 50th wedding anniversary

  3. Are these printed on photo paper?

  4. Beautiful idea! Could you put a picture on each side of the vase? (so you can view it from either side)?

  5. Love it! Glossy or matte photos? Thanks!

  6. How far ahead can these be made? How long will the photos “hold up” in water?

  7. What size photos and vases did you use? They look be about 5 x 7?

  8. What size vases did you use? Love this!

  9. Will colored photos work or just black and white?

  10. How many hydrangea blooms is that? one or two?

  11. This seems impossible! I can hardly believe the prints wouldn’t disinigrate?? I’ve never used MPix on line before, but that’s what you recommend? When I was at hobby lobby yesterday, they couldn’t believe this either….thought the print would need to be treated with something before submerging in water. I’m not disagreeing with you….just find it hard to believe!

  12. Great idea for rehearsal dinner…Did you have a certain kind of coating put on the pictures from MPix?? Thanks!

  13. Hello Julie – Great idea – I am making 20 of these and am having trouble with on side of the paper ringing up – I am not using water because I have silk flowers – taping does not work – appreciate any suggestion.


  14. Are the pictures still good after you take them out of the water? 

  15. I’d like to use this idea for centerpieces for my son’s wedding. I’m trying to find a vase that a 5×7 fits perfectly in but am having trouble! On yours, did the other side of the vase have a gap where the picture didn’t quite meet?

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  17. Mpix says resurface paper is standard. Would that work? I also see a economy 4×6. Would that work? Thanks in advance for your help.

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