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For the last 3 years, we have worked diligently to add charm to our Prairie Village home.  Painting, creating custom decor, fresh landscaping, lots of upgrades and more.  Follow the links below for additional photographs and DIY instructions.
The before:
The front of a light brown house with a red door, steps going up to the front.
The front of a white house with a wooden door, steps going up to the front.
We created Custom Cedar Shutters to add cottage charm {$150}.  You may also notice that we removed landscaping, adding new {$150}, reset the rock walls {$0}, replaced the light fixture {$25}  and painted the numbers and mailbox to match {$5}.  We also of course painted the exterior {$300 and waaaay too many man-hours}.
A wooden wall with a window in the middle.
We Restored our 1950’s Wood Door by removing over 10 layers of paint, sanding and sealing it.  It provides a rustic look and adds curb appeal.


An open living room filled with furniture, including chairs and a couch, as well a small dining table.
Well positioned furniture maximizes space and allows for entertaining.  The rug was removed when we placed the home on the market.
Wall hooks on green, patterned wall paper.
Functional decor is a necessity at our house.  This DIY coat and key hook was hung in the entryway. {Click Photography}
A mini green house with a small plant inside.
This terrarium, found on clearance for $7 is filled with little moss pots I created. {RPM Photography}
White shelves with various decoration in the inside of a home.
Beautiful built-ins allow personal items to shine.  Currently in ours are handmade paper flowers, a 1904 World’s Fair cookbook passed down from my grandmother, a photograph of my mother and uncle as children and a napkin ring from our wedding day.
White Molding on a wall.
Ornate accents and heavy moldings give the home a luxe feel.  Above, a decorative piece from Hobby Lobby was painted and hung by a nail embellishing the mantle for just $10!


A vintage food scale.


A chandelier with a vintage food scale at the top.
You can never have too many chandeliers!  We hung this basic chandelier from an antique scale found at my Grandmother’s!


A black dining room table in an open space.
A living room filled with furniture and a black dining room table with a chandelier hanging over the top.
A drawing of a gazebo.
Creating your own art out of book linen is an easy way to update your home with each season. {Click Photography}
A drawing of a gazebo framed on the wall.


A kitchen with black walls, white tile and stainless steel appliances.
Updated kitchen with stainless appliances complete with a pendant fixture and chalkboard wall.


An office with large windows, a desk, a big chair in the corner, and a chandelier hanging in the center.
Naturally lit “sunroom” is the perfect nook to read a book and peaceful enough to work in.  I found this 1930’s doctor’s desk at a little store in Mexico, Missouri.  I painted the sides with a black rub, leaving the original wood desktop natural.
A chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
Updated your lighting throughout your home provides maximum impact for a little investment. {RPM Photography}


A bedroom with wooden accents throughout.


A bedroom with wooden accents throughout.


A babies room, with n armoire and a crib; both dark wood.
I wanted to keep our daughter’s bedroom soft and calming, in hopes of her being a good sleeper.  It worked!  This photograph was taken when our home was staged to sell…I definitely liked it better with the cream rug!
A white chandelier with flowerlike details hanging from the ceiling.
The letters below were created in just a few minutes.  They surround a few bird accents.
A dark, wooden crib with the word \"Nest\" on shelves behind it.
A bathroom with a white shower curtain, white towel, a picture of a mountain, and gray walls.
A white waffle weave shower curtain, flour sack towel and white framed painting create a spa like atmosphere in an otherwise small bath. {Click Photography}

The back of a white house with different bushes for decoration.

Charming Exterior Fixtures

A vintage lamp.


 {LMA Photography}

I’ll miss these tree lined streets…

A view of a city street, fall trees with many colors including: yellow, orange, and red.

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