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LAST UPDATED: Apr 02, 2020 | PUBLISHED: Sep 27, 2013 | By: Julie Blanner
If you haven’t noticed, I’m not into cheesy, over-the-top, holiday decor. I prefer to add a few simple touches that make an impact {and 3 little girls happy}. Enjoy these little tweaks to add a little spook to your home this Halloween with simple, spooky, yet pretty Halloween decorations.
To make the most out of my decor, I focused on the living room. I removed a bird from my built in book cases and tucked a skeleton hand in to appear that it is reaching out to grab you. These are also great to use coming out of jars.
I moved a few things around on the shelves to make them appear a little off, like in a haunted mansion. Lucky for me, my decor of dried flowers, sheet music and decanter already appear a bit creepy. I didn’t realize it until I started decorating for Halloween.
Tarnished silver, candles that have been burned and old bibles are also great adds.
Babies’ breath lasts forever! I placed some on my mantel in an old julep cup.
and spiders! Those little guys are so reasonable and add a spooky element almost anywhere – especially unexpected places like a chandelier.
Black feathers may be creepier than a bird itself, hinting that one has come and gone. Again, old books and worn pages give a haunting look.
Oh, those eggs? Was there a season between Spring and Fall? I wouldn’t know, I have a newborn. Again, spiders crawling out of anywhere can make you jump!
Ever since I watched Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” I feel a chill come through the air just seeing one. I paired this lil guy with one of my favorite coffee table books, “Heirloom Modern.”
Mini ghost pumpkins are great all throughout Fall.
It wouldn’t be Halloween without my mom’s handmade ceramic jack-o-lantern.
I like to add a little something to each room. Let’s see how well Chris sleeps tonight. This spider is making his way out of Chris’ jewelry box on his night stand.
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