Our Floor Plan

LAST UPDATED: Apr 30, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Aug 18, 2015 | By: Julie Blanner

Home doesn't happen overnight - a behind the scene look at living in the before

Months ago, a reader asked me if I could share our floor plan to make my visions and home a little clearer. While I thought that was an incredible idea, I had no idea where to start or how to create one. The rooms in our home don’t exactly line up. I stumbled across this sketch of our home when looking up information online and thought I’d share it with you. Some day I may even learn how to use a design program to integrate walls and doorways, but for now, this is a general idea of the layout and flow of our home.

julie blanner floorplan

As you can see from the side, it only appears from the outside that we have a 3 car garage. In fact we have a 2 car, 1 cart garage. At least that was what it was intended for. In reality, it’s our construction storage and a parking spot for the girls’ convertible. When entering from the garage, you pass through the L shaped mudroom, past the new half bath, to the kitchen. To the right of the kitchen is our breakfast room, which offers a lot of light, great views and access to our deck. Walk through there and you’ll enter our screened in porch. From there, you can come into the larger family room. The dining room provides access to the kitchen. We removed a portion of the wall, a closet and wet bar between the kitchen and living room to allow the light to come through from the front of our home to the back. it also makes us feel a little more connected. The living room is smaller than the family room, but has more character, so I gravitate to it. We removed the closet that was once between the foyer and living room to make it feel larger and brighter. It makes better use of the previously wasted foyer {which was oversized}. To the left is a half bath, conveniently located by the entrance of our home, which is adorned with a covered porch. Finally, our office is just past the bath. The stairs are at the center of our home, both going upstairs and to the basement.

A sunroom breakfast nook in progress

Our home is still under construction, but the updated floor plan is already more functional for our family of 5. We previously underutilized a lot of the space before and are hoping that our tweaks make for a more organized, entertaining style home.

Now when I reference changes we plan to make, you can see how they will open the flow of our home. And if your home has an awkward layout, maybe it will help you find ways to make your home more functional as well. I can’t wait for a sliver of sanity and to show you how our home is coming along! We hope to move back in Saturday afternoon.



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