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There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t know how truly blessed I am, or that I don’t think our girls are growing up entirely too fast!  That’s why I love having our photos taken.  I prefer having photos taken in our home because they’re simple and a true =reflection of who we are.  Not to mention, all of my childhood photos are in front of backdrops in varying shades of blue.  Nevertheless, I cherish them.
The past couple of months, we have been in the process of remodeling/redecorating our living room.  One of the first purchases to arrive was our extra long, extra deep couch.  It’s more modern than what I tend to gravitate to, but I love it integrated with more traditional pieces.  Oh, and it is unbelievably comfortable.  It’s where we all snuggle up as a family between 7-8 each night, so I couldn’t resist having our photographs taken there.
I look forward to sharing details of the gallery wall I created with you!  For now, let’s laugh about the fact that I didn’t even think about putting shoes on me and the girls or grabbing the other toss pillows.  Truly, a reflection of my family and I!
These sweet  sisters have a mind of their own and can hardly keep from snuggling one another.
Aniston may only be 8 months, but she’s pretty big stuff.
Adalyn loves the reading nook I created for her {window seat DIY to come!}  It also creates the perfect opportunity for peek-a-boo.
And no evening is complete in the Blanner house without playing in our room as we get the girls ready for bed.
For our family photos, I like to coordinate outfits, without matching.  I always start with my outfit first, because I’m the most difficult to fit.  It always seems everyone else’s falls into place.  I chose the Blythe Polka Dot Blouse for myself with a pool colored cardigan {both J. Crew} and jeans.  Adalyn already had a pair of peach skinny jeans that I paired with a grey shirt.  I wanted to incorporate peach for Aniston as well, and found the darling rose shirt at Janie and Jack.  She wore it with her denim mini – her must have staple.  Chris is always the easiest!  I know he’s my husband, but I think everything looks great on him.  For him, I chose a darker shade of grey – a foundation color.  How do you like to style your family shoots? 
These girls just can’t resist a hug, and I love it!
Thanks Christine of Click Photography for capturing our family!

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