Our Fall Decorations and Home Tour

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easy decorating ideas for fall

Just as the season slowly transitions from summer to fall, so does our home. I gradually change pillow covers, update to cozier throws and bring in bits of nature. For those who know me or have been following along through the years, you won’t be surprised that our fall decorations are minimal. Because our home is a neutral canvas, little pops of color and embellishments make a big impact. This year I’m joining the Finding Fall Home Tour hosted by my friend Laura of Finding Home Farms {which sells THE best maple syrup}and 16 other bloggers along with Better Homes and Gardens! If you haven’t stopped by In My Own Style yet, please do! Diane’s home is just as beautiful as she is. You can also start the tour from the beginning here.

This fall, I was inspired by the wildflowers {okay, weeds} growing as the base of our yard. This spring we decided to stop mowing the last 40ish feet for the length of our property in hopes of having beautiful wildflowers. I had intended to plant seeds, but nature didn’t disappoint. It quickly filled with deep purples, yellows and soft white “flowers”.  I brought the color palette indoors through the use of seasonal, organic elements and integrated texture to create our fall home.

fall flowers

This summer, we started renovating our home to provide a better flow, more functional and safer place for our family {having various levels of flooring proved to be a challenge for toddlers}. After months of chaos and a weeklong hotel stay, we moved back in. We finally moved all of our furniture back and are slowly starting to decorate. While I’d love a beautiful, completed home, I think of decorating as a process. I could quickly fill it with things, but I prefer a home with meaning. Family heirlooms, art that reflects our history and places we’ve been and trinkets that remind us of how “we”  started. All of these are included in our fall decorations.

http://powder roomA couple of our recent projects are this half bath and mudroom – more coming soon! Can you believe that 95% of it came from Lowe’s? A few wildflowers and a linen refresh make the half bath feel like fall while a couple gourds add a lot of color.

beautiful half bathroom ideas with brass and pedestal sink
easy decorating ideas for fall

I was pleasantly surprised to see this pretty pokeweed growing effortlessly. We had a few in late summer to early fall at our last home as well and I always enjoyed integrating them into flower arrangements. Here, they stand alone and often last for 1-2 weeks. That’s the beauty of weeds, they don’t give up.

simple fall decorations
beautiful kitchen art idea

Just off the kitchen I added a miniature bunch of dried corn to my framed recipes. These simple additions add so much warmth for the season.

For our breakfast room, I created a centerpiece filled with edible fruits, wispy greens, and “flowers” in about 10 minutes. You can get the tutorial here. One of the things I love about our breakfast room is that it doesn’t need much – the view from the window is art in itself. I look forward to adding my creamware platters, but still haven’t committed to anything for the large wall.

Beautiful DIY fall flowers in just 10 minutes! Get the step by step tutorial to create this beautiful centerpiece.

Our dining room is even more simple – just a couple wheat sheaves wrapped with ribbon and accented with candlesticks. You can find the tutorial to create your own here as well. They’re unbelievably easy and inexpensive. I reuse mine year after year as wreaths, on tables and buffets. I repurposed the green velvet pillow covers that were previously used in our living room in the dining room.

Pretty fall decorating ideas | DIY Wheat Sheaf centerpiece

I opted for a slightly untraditional fall color in our living room, inspired by that pretty little pokeweed and the pink mums found at every grocery and hardware store. Velvet and sweater knit pillow cases make our living room feel cozy and will transition easily into winter. After nearing temperatures of 100 degrees last week, temperatures dropped to just 40 over the weekend. I quickly pulled out my favorite wool throw and chunky knit throw and took cover!

unconventional fall colors

The little silver trinket is actually a napkin ring from the 1904 World’s Fair. It was a wedding gift from a friend to commemorate our wedding at the 1904 World’s Fair Pavilion.

untraditional fall decorating ideas for the living room
pretty fall decor for the coffee table

I almost cried when the flowers I purchased the day before I photographed were falling apart as I attempted to arrange them, but instead, I embraced them. Fall to me is a relaxed time of year, so I took a deep breath and went with it. In fact, we’re still enjoying drooping garden roses today.

ideas to make your home feel cozy for fall

I decided to keep our bookcase decor functional and minimal. I added a football and brass tiger as a nod to Mizzou, where Chris and I met and still enjoy attending and watching games. The tiger has spent time in the office, in the bookcases at our previous home and finally found a home again this fall. I tend to purchase versatile pieces that fit well in more than one space because I can be fickle. I also added a couple wheat sheaves to our bookcases. Their simplicity reminds me of the simple beauty of my grandparents’ farm.

Simple fall decorating ideas to infuse into your home
fall decorating ideas for bookcases

I replaced the fern in our fireplace with pink mums in a basket. It fills the space, adds a little color and texture while distracting from the brick. I love a white fireplace, but I wanted to maintain the integrity of our home and decided it adds character.

Simple fall decorating ideas to infuse into your home
Simple fall decorating ideas to infuse into your home
Simple fall decorating ideas to infuse into your home
easy fall decor
pretty fall decor ideas

Our family room is far from complete, but still has all of the casual comforts – these antlers feel particularly rustic, don’t you think? I also love the texture of this soft Allen + Roth rug in combination with the rattan baskets. To give the room a little more color, I added a ribbon to the wheat. I keep this room extremely minimal since it’s where the girls frequently play. The coffee table is filled to the brim with books and the baskets are usually filled with toys.

Screened In Porch outdoor dining room decor ideas | Photography: Clary Pfeiffer
Screened In Porch outdoor dining room decor ideas | Photography: Clary Pfeiffer

Just outside our family room is a screened in porch. I have a little confession…I desperately wanted to share our favorite space to enjoy fall, but completely ran out of time, so I’m sharing a couple photos that Clary Pfeiffer took of it recently. Our outdoor dining room is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee, wine and cheese or dinner with friends on a beautiful fall evening. Like most of our home, it’s also decorated with wildflowers.

Romantic master bedroom light fixture

I’ve added throws in our bedroom and a velvet pillow in our master. I may have gotten excited last fall when Pottery Barn introduced these throws, but I’m thinking I might add a little more color as the season progresses.

Simple fall decorating ideas to infuse into your home
Simple fall decorating ideas to infuse into your home
easy fall decorating ideas

Since we’re friends and you came in through the side door, I’m concluding our fall home tour with the front porch. Like the rest of our house, it’s still a work in progress. I’ve been searching for an outdoor wood dutch door like it’s my job.

Pretty fall front porch decorating ideas
Pretty fall front porch decorating ideas
add color to a faux wreath by adding fresh fruits or berries
add life to a faux wreath this fall by adding fresh fruits or berries

I enhanced a faux wreath with fresh fruit. I always prefer fresh or dried flowers, but our front door desperately needs contrast, and with drastic temperature changes this time of year, dried isn’t really an option. My solution for a beautiful wreath with longevity is to add a ribbon, fruit or berries to it. I integrated mandarin oranges for a pop of color with small bamboo skewers. If temperatures aren’t too extreme, they’ll keep for weeks.

Pretty fall front porch decorating ideas
add color to a faux wreath by adding fresh fruits or berries

And finally, a little gourd topiary. I stopped by a pumpkin patch that has yet to open this season and they graciously sold me a few gourds since our fall home tour precedes when they’re available at stores in Missouri. But let’s be honest, I would have asked anyways! I’m always anxious to add a few to our home in fall!

Easy fall decoration ideas - gourd topiary

Our home is far from perfect, but these little touches have made it feel a little warmer and a little more like home.

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