Our Cozy Cottage

LAST UPDATED: Dec 30, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Jun 10, 2011 | By: Julie Blanner
When we purchased this house in 2008, we knew we’d have to add some cottage charm and curb appeal.  After all, the color is reminiscent of silly putty!  
I convinced my husband nearly 2 years ago to create these wood shutters I designed.  For about $150 and a little sweat, he executed my vision with perfection!  We decided that the cedar was so beautiful that we would just use a natural stain/sealer rather than paint as I had originally intended.  Click here for the easy DIY.
Landscaping was removed, added, and trees were trimmed to give the home a fresh feel.
Once the home was painted and the shutters were complete, I was dying to restore the 1954 wood door to it’s original state…au natural!  It took some convincing, so we painted it twice and even did a faux finish trying to recreate the natural wood before my husband was willing to strip the doors.  In “just” 10 hours, he did just that.  


Little bits of paint were left in the nooks and crannies, which I think adds a lot of character.  Next step?  Adding a protective sealer.



The house is almost complete!
The decorating details here and here.

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