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10 Must Have Organization Ideas for the New Year

Organization isn’t about perfection. It’s about efficiency, reducing stress & clutter, saving time & money, and improving your overall quality of life. – Christina Scalise

I couldn’t have said it better myself. As I’ve been sharing a lot of my favorite organization projects, I’ve received comments like this “I wish you would show pictures with a lot of stuff! It’s easy to organize when your shelves are almost bare. Everything looks pretty. Try adding a lot of things and the organization is so much harder.”

simple laundry room organization ideas with free printable labels

True, adding things makes it harder, but to me, organization often means being thoughtful about what you need and eliminating what you don’t. In fact, that’s how each and every one of my projects starts, by removing everything from the space, evaluating if I need it, if so, does it belong in this space or is it a better fit in another space and then determine placement.

Sometimes stuff is just stuff. Take our linen closet, for example. It was filled with a plethora of sheets, old bath toys, dried up bath paints and bathroom rugs from our previous home amongst other junk. I realized when I removed everything that we only needed 2 sets of sheets per bed, some bath toys could be moved to the bathroom and the dried paints – TRASH. Why was I allowing them to consume space in our home and my head?

To get you started, I’m sharing my 10 Must Have Organization Ideas to Simplify Your Life:

Use a peg rail – it’s a classic, beautiful way to organize a number of things like cleaning supplies, gardening tools, jackets and more!

tips to organize cleaning supplies | garage organization

Organize your paint colors for quick touch ups with a printable paint color chart.

Beautiful outdoor lighting, perfect between garages or to frame a front door

Use easy to tote baskets to organize toys and art supplies in children’s closets.

kids closet organization and storage

Use drawer and desk organizers to keep pens in their place.

office organization ideas with desk organizer

Use hooks to keep coats and hats in tight spaces.

upscale home decorating ideas

Keep your cleaning supplies in easy to tote bins.

Great tips for a functional laundry room

Use scrapbook supplies to label sheet sizes.

Pretty hall linen closet ideas

Implement a wall hanging system for toys, running gear, bikes and more in the garage.

Organize your running gear with an outdoor closet | garage storage and organization

Organize baking supplies in jars.

baking supplies organization

Use labels and jars to organize detergents and natural stain removers in the laundry room.

organize your laundry room with free printable labels and these easy tips and tricks

simple laundry room organization ideas with free printable labels

Convert an old piece of furniture into a linen cabinet.

Living room organization - linen closet

Use your bookcases wisely. This bar cabinet not only stores alcohol, but functions as a bar.

Beautiful bar cabinet in a built in bookcase

What are your favorite organization ideas / tips? What project should I take on next? I need a little inspiration and motivation!

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18 comments on “10 Must Have Organization Ideas for the New Year”

  1. I totally agree with you! It’s not about you not having as much stuff as other people do – it’s about them choosing to have so many unnecessary things in their life. I’ve watched the movie Minimalism recently and ever since I look at things in such a different way. Not that I’m some kind of expert of course but I just started realising that we control the things we posses and not the other way around. So often we keep something only because we think we’re going to use it in the future but actually we never ever do. Thank you for a lovely post and very useful ideas! 

    With kindness

  2. I read that comment about the person saying show us more of your stuff etc & thought but that’s not how you work .😊 You have already inspired me so much & this post is inspiring me yet again.I think there will be some more organising & purging happening again tomorrow – look out family! 😄

    • I purge first and think later and then am like “oops”. Basically a mad woman trying to get as much done on an apt time as possible. Good luck, fam! Hope you enjoy your clutter free home!

  3. Thanks or the helpful organizing ideas.  I love your baking supplies in those cute jars.  😊

  4. Loved the peg rail idea for storing cleaning supplies + gardening tools!

  5. Love the little tree in your laundry room! What is it called? It’s perfect size! 

  6. Great tips! Where did you find your peg rail, mop, & broom? Thank you! 

  7. Where did you get your long peg rail from?

    Thank you,


  8. Your home is beautiful.  I’m in the process of a remodel and notice your home has mostly brass finishes.  How do you feel about mixing metal finishes?  Do you have any rules or suggestions on doing it?  I’m torn on what to do.  I’m going with a Simply White BM kitchen (warm but not cream) and think a silver tone hardware would look best mostly because we have stainless steel appliances also.  Our existing solid 6 panel oak doors have old brass hinges.  I am painting the doors and trim white but not sure if I should put silver tone on the doors (to match kitchen) or keep them the antiqued brass.  I’m not planning to change out the hinges and re-hang them – they are extremely heavy.  With that all said – I would love to accent with some brass maybe in an end table, lamp or a bathroom.  We also have some iron/dark finishes in some accent tables and lamps.  Is that too many finishes to mix – silver, brass and iron?

    • I do’t mind mixing finishes sat all. You’re always best choosing finishes you love. I’m doing other tones in our master bath. I do however like having hinges and knobs that match, but they don’t have to match other finishes in the room. I consider fixtures vs furnishing different and never mind mixing those.

  9. I organize and clean the same way, take everything out of the room then clean and bring what we need to keep back in. The problem is that I am all “go big or go home!”. I can’t possibly clean the living room today, I don’t have time to move all the furniture and the rug, dust every object, wipe down the walls, wash the windows, sweep and mop the floor, then replace all the furniture (in a different spot of course!) and completely redecorate. lol, I really need a quick pick up mode!

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