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How I Organize Our Home

Each new year, I’m inspired to make a fresh start and clean the clutter from our home. Throughout the year we acquire a lot of stuff. Often it’s things that have been forgotten in that dark little closet, at the bottom of the basket or nestled among other things. Toys that haven’t been touched in months and papers that have been in stacks so long that they no longer have meaning. I believe that less stuff equals less stress. Today I’m sharing my home organization tips.

Home organization tips and ideas for every room

I believe that the best organization begins at the entrance and exit of your home, for us, it’s the mudroom. Our mudroom is the victim of shoes, keys and pocket contents being tossed as we enter our home. Organizing the mudroom and entryway makes you feel more organized and less stressed throughout the day.  We can quickly gather everything we need on the way out the door. Having proper storage in place prevents the chaos from spilling into the rest of your home.

Organization tips for the kitchen, mudroom, closets and more!

Ideas and tips to organize your home

Organizing the kitchen can feel a bit daunting, but if you take it cabinet by cabinet, it’s an achievable task that can add a lot off function {and space} to your kitchen. I start by eliminating mismatched pieces and separating glass from plastic. I arrange our dishes by how often we use them {i.e.: plates on the bottom shelf, cake stands on the top} to keep frequently used dishes easily accessible. I also use bins with handles under the kitchen sink to separate cleaners, dishwashing detergents and accessories, etc. Separating them in bins makes it easier to locate specific things and eliminates the risk of playing dominos. To keep it cohesive, I label standard sized jars for spices, baking ingredients, etc. You can download free printable labels here. I also love to add flexible storage to cabinets using hooks.

Ideas and tips to organize your home

Ideas and tips to organize your home

Another way I blend organization and function is by utilizing pieces of furniture for storage. I converted an old wardrobe into a linen cabinet to store excess pillows, throws, pillow covers, etc in our family room. Upstairs, I used scrapbook labels and baskets to organize our linen closet.

Ideas and tips to organize your home

Ideas and tips to organize your home

Ideas and tips to organize your home

At our previous home, we quickly realized that we needed to convert our step in closet into a walk in closet. Installing a closet system added a lot of extra storage without increasing the size of our closet. Whether you update your closet or just organize it, I highly recommend starting by removing everything. Want to see what you’re really wearing? Flip your hangers around and at the end of the month, any hangers that are backwards are subject to donation. You can read more of my tips to clean out your closet here.

Ideas and tips to organize your home

Home organization ideas

Ideas and tips to organize your home

Of course baskets are always a great way to organize. They’re a catch all for things like toys, magazines and books. In our home, we have larger baskets stacked in our family room that double as an end table. Baskets also fill our bookcases to store games, dvd’s and remotes.

Tips to organize your home

Finally, my favorite – organizing the bar! I’ve used our bar cart, converted a piece of furniture into a wet bar and have created a bar cabinet in our bookcases. However you choose, organizing your alcohol looks beautiful and makes last minute entertaining nearly effortless. Just gather your alcohol and group together by type, placing appropriate accessories nearby for convenience. I fill the ice bucket before guests arrive and add garnishes like mint and lemons.

Ideas and tips to organize your home

What are your favorite organization tips?


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  1. Where did you get the gorgeous baskets that are next to the sofa?!

  2. I’ve been looking through your posts and love all the rooms you’ve done. You are so talented, and have such a great eye. Your photography is beautiful

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