The Not So Pinteresting Truths

LAST UPDATED: Apr 25, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Oct 15, 2014 | By: Julie Blanner


If you’ve noticed that I’ve been sharing a lot of recipes, it’s because there has been little progress made in our home. It’s certainly a labor of love, but I do love the process! We’ve been working an hour here & an hour there, not truly focused on one project. I still can’t bear to touch the kitchen table, but long for it to be completed & functional. Maybe a few more rainy fall afternoons will inspire me? I often remind myself that the beauty is in the process & the progress, no matter how slow it may be. So, today I’m sharing a few behind-the-scenes photos & details. I appreciate the Pinterest eye candy & can’t help but dream of what will be, but behind all of those pretty pictures can be dirty little details, otherwise known as truth.

I’m typing this post to the beat of the woodpecker hammering away on the back of the breakfast room. As I look around, I see little glimpses of beauty surrounded by a list of projects. When we purchased this home, I decided that rather than doing a reveal for each room, I’d take you along & share the progression of spaces. I think we’re all guilty of feeling that we have to complete a project to feel we’ve accomplished a project. In effort to show myself a little kindness & appreciation, I’m redefining a “project”. I’m breaking spaces down to numerous little projects, that are much more attainable. I’m deeming this the “Year of Vignettes”! I know, it’s not January 1st, but I’m excited to get started. Will you forgive me? A vignette is a small scene or a moment. I like to think of our home as little moments, reflections of us. It’s much more feasible to create a vignette on a Saturday afternoon rather than decorating an entire bedroom. In addition to big projects {that I’m breaking down into smaller pieces}, I’ll be sharing one vignette at a time & how to style your own, in my Year of Vignettes series! If you can’t tell by my rambling, I’m unbelievably excited!

Onto where we’re at today & the not-so-pretty truths. Last week, we decided it was time for the mudroom/hallway closet to go. Some days, you’ve just had enough! The heavy wood doors kept falling off the tracks & the closet impeded the flow of “traffic” in & out of our house. We started to fear it was more of a danger than an asset. So, the walls came down! Now I’m aggressively planning how to rebuild the space adding function for our family. I knew it would open the room up, however, I didn’t realize just how much larger & brighter it would feel!



Like our kitchen table, I’ve completely stalled on our laundry room. We just need to hang the sink apron, update the hardware & paint the door frame to complete the space for now.


We removed the carpet in our office to reveal parquet wood floors. They desperately need to be refinished, but I see them as a glimmer of hope. I’ve been having a lot of fun garage sale-ing & estate sale-ing with friends to find pieces to create a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall gallery wall!


Monday, our painters will arrive to transform the exterior! I have been frantically trying to find a color palette that works with our brick. I think painting the exterior will be one of the biggest transformations, taking the Tudor from a dated 60’s home to a modern Tudor. It’s currently yellow & brown & I’m seeking a softer color palette! Our asphalt driveway has been resealed – it has already given our home a much more crisp feel.


Things will get prettier, I promise! I’ve always prided myself on being authentic & hope this helps you find comfort when you’re feeling overwhelmed in your home. Do you usually have multiple incomplete projects at one time? Please, say yes!