My Must Have Baby Registry Items

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  • After 3 kids and countless diapers, I almost feel like an expert on parenthood. Almost. I’m frequently asked by friends and readers about my favorite baby items and decided to put it in a post. Disclaimer: we’re pretty minimal. We’re not diaper bag and plastic everywhere parents. We found that babies don’t require near as much as anyone would like you to believe.

    Swing {we have a traditional 2 direction swing w/batteries, but that was before the momaroo. I highly recommend it because it plugs in!
    Bouncy/vibrating seat {easy to travel from room to room}
    SMALL pack and play {only if you travel}. Also great in lieu of bassinet.
    Boppy pillow for breastfeeding moms – this has saved my back!
    BOB Revolution Stroller – it’s our one and only stroller. Somewhat lightweight, great for everyday, rough terrain, jogging, etc.
    Folding bath tub
    Kiddopotomus or Summertime Rinse & Roll bib – we have 2 {one for car and one for home} and donated all the cloth bibs we received. So easy and who has time for the extra laundry?
    Sophie the Giraffe – the glorified, overpriced dog toy, for teething
    Bottles – just a couple because every baby is different
    Bedding {read this first}

    Books – you can never have too many
    Car seat – find one that’s lightweight because you’ll have an extra 8-20 lbs to carry in it
    Gowns – so easy for changing diapers in the middle of the night. Don’t even think about any snapped sleepers.
    Sleep sacks – again, easy
    Swaddling wraps that velcro {vs zip w/excess fabric}

    A great photographer. Priceless. Many offer gift certificates.
    Rechargeable batteries – it will save you a lot of money and last minute runs to the store

    From Pottery Barn Kids:
    Chamois crib sheets x2 – who wouldn’t want to sleep on a sheet that soft?
    Chamois changing pad cover x2
    Changing pad
    Chamois bobby pillow cover
    Critter nursery wrap x3 – only towels we ever use

    Sherpa stroller blanket for winter babies – it’s heavy enough not to blow

    Things we skipped:
    High chair. It’s just another piece of {often} plastic that is not only aesthetically not pleasing, but in the way and difficult to clean. Yes, I know my philosophy isn’t for everyone. We love using a booster seat that attaches to a dining chair. It is concealed under the kitchen table and is easy to deep clean in the sink or take to grandma and grandpa’s.

    The diaper bag. What do you really need? Diapers? Wipes? Bib? We keep those in the glove box of our car and take a couple at a time in my oversized purse. Just the essentials. I’ve never felt like I’ve been without in 3 years and have enjoyed not carrying a second bag. Sure, I registered for one, but within a month of Adalyn’s birth, I sold it on Craigslist.

    Wait on binkies. Some babies take them and some don’t. You don’t want to end up with 25 binkies and 2 babies that don’t take them {true story} and Isla only takes 2 out of the collection.

    Recognizing that everyone is different, I’d love to know what you couldn’t live without and what you didn’t need. {photo credit: RPM Photography}

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