Mudroom Organization Ideas

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Simple storage solutions & tips to organize your mudroom

Whether your mudroom is large or small, there are plenty of ways to maximize storage & create a landing space as you & your family enter your home. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite mudroom organization ideas – some of which I’ll be implementing in our new home as we prepare to remodel!

A pretty & practical mudroom

One of my favorite mudrooms is also the simplest – a simple board with coat hooks screwed in creates accessible storage for coats, scarves, dog leashes & more. Every inch is usable & accessible with the use of baskets.

Get organized with simple storage solutions for the mudroom

In this mudroom, hooks were added under the shelf, granting a few additional inches of usable space for an extra row of hooks below, intended for children. I also like the shoe shelf, creating storage both above & below for shoes.

Mudroom organization ideas & tips

If you don’t have a built in mudroom or live in a rental, use a wardrobe, coat rack or create your own garment rack.

A tray is a great place to keep rain boots. I particularly love this one from Target.

Mudroom organization ideas & tips

If you need a place to keep keys, wallets, etc, consider adding a shelf or a small piece of furniture, like a dresser for convenience.

Is your mudroom a place for pets? I love this idea from Better Homes and Gardens – a built in dog bowl drawer!

Simple storage solutions for an organized mudroom - a dog bowl drawer

Key tools:




calendar – to organize your life


Compartmentalize – everything is better in groups.

Be practical.

Use what you have – rethink old things from other spaces before you buy new.

Think about how you use the space.

A pretty & practical mudroom

Do you have any additional tips to offer?



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