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Maximizing Your Decorating Budget

Furnishing and decorating a room can be a mass undertaking, which is why I waited several months to final make selections for our living room.  As with weddings and events I coordinate, I recommend you establish a budget.  Decorating blindly can be far more costly.
Then, decide what’s most important to you.  For us, it was our upholstered pieces.  We want them to last several years.  A rug on the other hand, we don’t mind changing every few years.  
Accessorize by finding mimicked styles.  Sure, I love this Restoration Hardware lamp, but have found similar for just $99, less than 1/3 of the cost.
Find pieces that multi-task.  I found this solid wood stool that will allow for additional seating when in a pinch, can be used as a side table or as a foot rest, where it will spend most of it’s time.  It will also transition well into other rooms of our home as needed.  It was a $49 find at Home Goods.
Adalyn couldn’t resist demonstrating!

Kenny Rogers said “know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.”  The same is true when decorating.  If there is something you gravitate to and can’t live without, go all in.  Make up for it on another piece.  
As I mentioned in my original post, Designing a Living Room, utilize complimentary catalogs for inspiration.  They offer great styling suggestions along with artwork ideas that you can easily recreate.

Look to sister stores.  Both Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware have Children’s versions with similar, yet less expensive options.  This table below is $150 less than it’s sister store version at RH Baby and Child.

For tips on purchasing a rug, click here.

4 comments on “Maximizing Your Decorating Budget”

  1. Hi, there. Found your blog via the KC Bloggers page. Am loving reading your posts. Since you have two children (and another on the way?), how have you kept that fancy sofa clean? We have an old sofa set that we keep intending to replace with two Danish side chairs (we’ve acquired one so far, on the hunt for the second) and a new sofa. We have a 16-month old, and no matter what, she manages to get bits and goo on it. We don’t stress about it, because the sofa will just get pitched. However, I want a new sofa NOW, but my instincts tell me to wait until she’s three! Would love to know how you take care of your furniture with little girls around. Thanks!

  2. Hi Catherine! Honestly, it’s not bad at all! It’s SO stain resistant. Definitely look for something that’s protected. We have never allowed the kiddos food or anything other than water in the living room, but even wine just wiped right off with a cloth immediately. It’s also slipcovered, so we can always take it to the dry cleaners if needed.

  3. Ah, brilliant idea … no food or drink! Will keep that in mind with the future sofa. Thanks for the input; we’ll definitely be on the lookout for something that has been treated. Thanks much.

  4. Many are, or have the option to be for an additional charge. It really makes keeping them clean easy!

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