Marble Countertops

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  • Everything you want to know about marble countertops.

    kitchen with marble counters

    I receive a lot of questions about our marble kitchen countertops. We have used marble in our previous home and our current home – as a family of 5!

    Yes, marble can be somewhat risky, but we love it. We used Mountain Danby marble in our previous home and Olympia Danby in our current home. The difference between the two is simply where they are taken from the earth. While both are beautiful, Olympia has less veining which is a fit for our current kitchen.

    white marble

    In our kitchen, we used 3 cm marble countertops, which is about 1 1/4″. Typically kitchen counters are 3 cm and bathroom vanities are 2 cm, however, there is no rule on how thick your counters should be. Designers like DeVol Kitchens often use 2 cm marble which is less expensive.

    I personally loved honed marble which minimizes any etching. Etching happens when something acidic sits on marble like lemon juice. Using Comet cleaner can also minimize etching {it will need to be resealed after}.

    danby marble countertop

    How is it Danby marble different from Carrera Marble?

    Danby is a US marble, meaning it comes straight from the earth in Vermont! Carrerra is quarried in Italy, but there are some that look like one another!

    What is the difference between marble and granite?

    Both are natural stones, but granite is less porous and significantly stronger. It’s resistant to stains and abrasion.

    How much do marble countertops cost?

    This is such a difficult question as the type of marble, supplier and fabricating costs. Getting a whiter marble can double the cost.

    marble kitchen counters

    Do you need a marble sealer?

    Yes, I recommend a sealer though I cannot recommend a particular one. It can help minimize staining.

    How to clean marble:

    The best marble cleaner is soap and water. Add a few drops of clear dish soap and water to a spray bottle for quick cleanups.

    Let me know if you have any questions about using marble in your kitchen or bath!

    You can see more photos of our marble countertops here!

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