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    In January, I made a commitment to myself that I was going to finish the house. Regardless of our impending move, I needed the gratification of checking each room off the list for that sense of completion. In December, I was changing out the artwork above the sofa in our living room, when one frame fell & broke into pieces. One step forward & two steps back, right? The gallery wall remained disheveled for months as I searched for the same frame. Once I found it, I realized I had grown tired of the multi-toned mismatched frames & wanted a more cohesive look. The sofa is 9′, so it requires something significant over it to fill the space. Even a large canvas seemed like it would become lost or feel out of place. I was also worried I wouldn’t have the time to make my own or the money to purchase something I loved.

    Traditional English roll arm chair deconstructed for a modern twist

    I keep an ongoing list of projects on my phone, so when I’m out shopping, I can refer to it to see if any of my finds fit my needs. It helps limit my spending & eases the tornado-like spinning I’m often guilty of. Finally I came across some washed walnut frames from the Better Homes & Gardens collection that coordinated beautifully with our deconstructed English roll arm chairs. I decided a series of these in a structured arrangement would create a beautiful gallery wall. Rather than making this gallery wall seasonal {I can’t risk any more falling frames!}, I kept it timeless & incorporated my love for maps.

    DIY Map Gallery Wall

    The DIY Details:

    I found a large map at a bookstore. It wasn’t exactly the color scheme I was hoping for, but added some beautiful color to the space for summer. Using 6 11×14 walnut frames, I deconstructed the map to create more interest.


    large map

    paper cutter


    paper clips


    measuring tape





    Remove the paper from your frames to use as a guide. Place them over your map side by side & arrange them as you’d like the map to appear on the wall. Paperclip guides to the map. Carefully cut your map along your guides, ensuring they don’t move. In order, frame your maps. Place your frames on the floor to determine how much width you want in between them. Determine the middle of your wall & measure accordingly, with the space required for your desired width. It is extremely important that you use a level when hanging a series of frames.

    pretty neutral living room

    This project was so easy that it took just 20 minutes to create the art & another 20 to hang them.

    Get the tutorial for a diy gallery wall made from a map

    I enjoyed giving our living room a #BHGsummerrefresh For more inspiring ideas, visit the Summer Refresh board on Pinterest & follow along on Instagram!

    BHG Live Better - Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart

    Beautiful neutral living room

    traditional neutral living room

    BHG Summer Refresh Pin to Win


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