Living Big by Living Small

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The past couple of months, I have stepped back and taken time to reflect on how we have been living. I’ve evaluated how we make use of our resources, including time, money and space. I am extremely blessed to live the life I do and want to appreciate every ounce of it. It seems all of my dreams have/are coming true. I have a husband that I adore, 3 beautiful girls who are growing faster each day and a career I could have only dreamed of. I’m starting this blog series to keep myself accountable and to inspire you to do the same.

Living big by living small means that I’ll try to consume less, reduce our spending, see life through the eyes of our kiddos instead of rushing, and spend less time working while the girls are awake and more time enjoying them. I’ll be sharing moments of our daily life, which are beautiful even among the chaos and the mess. It may be a project of how we maximized a small space {like our mudroom}, cleaning out closets to streamline chores, or an exploring adventure with Adalyn and my camera in tow.
I have started this endeavor by making a commitment to myself to limit work to the days I have childcare and during their afternoon naps. This also means that pesky little iPhone won’t always be at my side, which may be my greatest challenge.

To kick it off, a photo from our weekend – Ani playing with a 25 cent paintbrush in a t-shirt, making a bath very necessary {and a mama who usually cringes, smile}.

Can you relate? I’ll be sharing on Instagram with the hashtag #livingbig


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