Lined Drapes Tutorial

LAST UPDATED: Jan 17, 2020 | PUBLISHED: Apr 27, 2012 | By: Julie Blanner
After my friend made me beautiful ruffled bedding for Ansiton in one of my favorite fabrics, osnaburg, I decided to make coordinating lined drapes.  Why make them?  I wanted them to be an exact match and wanted to line them with blackout fabric.  I consider it a miracle fabric for babies!  There are several tutorials online, but I wanted to share mine – I felt many of them overcomplicated what is truly a simple process.  It just takes a couple hours, a little patience and a lot of ironing.  {Sorry}.
Cut your fabric if needed, leaving extra for the length.  Mine was already the width I wanted.  Iron your fabric.  I’m sorry, but it has to be done.  For the top and two sides, fold the fabric over an inch or two and iron.
Now fold again, leaving a clean edge and iron.  Align your lining at the tip and left edge.  Tuck into your fold and pin.  Trim the right side carefully so that it hits against the fold.
Tuck and pin.
You are now ready to sew the top, then the two sides.  Carefully measure the length you want your drapes, once hung from both the clips and rod.  Measure and cut, adding an additional 4 inches for a significant fold at the bottom.  I did this on my dining room floor where I had plenty of room to spread the fabric out.  Sew.  Equally space pinch clips, clipping low enough that only a little of the ring will show.
Hang from your rod and you’re done!  From start to finish, this project took 2.5 hours.  Most of it was ironing!
I chose to have the drapes brush the floor an inch and am so glad that I did!  I think it adds character.
I’ll work on a better photograph, but for now….

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