What I Learned from this Old House

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10 things I learned from this old house - porcelain sink and subway tile

Last weekend I visited the KC Symphony Designers’ Showhouse which was beautiful! Walking through the home, I realized that there is so much to take away from an old house.

We often think of what’s on trend and 5 years later we tire of it {um, the persimmon room I painted at our second home? Okay, that didn’t even take 6 months}. Rather than thinking about what’s on trend, I try to think about timeless finishes and decorate to my taste at the time – that’s significantly easier to change! Today I’m sharing what I learned from this old house…

  1. Sand and stain wood floors never go out of style. Yes, it’s tempting to go to the hardware store to purchase interlocking plank that doesn’t require you to move out, but will it stand the test of time with both durability and trend? This old house boasts original sand and stain hardwood floors that were easily refinished and mended from adaptations {the boards likely won’t ever be discontinued unlike hardware store finds}. 
    transitional bedroom decorating ideas
  2. Porcelain is beautiful and durable. I mean, look at these sinks {also original}. timeless home decor ideas
  3. Built ins are practical, elegant and add a lot of character. I can’t wait to incorporate them into our master bedroom! built in furniture and closets
  4. Hexagon tile has made appearances throughout the years and always feels fresh and clean. timeless finishes for your old home or new
  5. Subway tile stands the test of time and can read both modern and traditional depending on how it is styled. 10 things I learned from this old house - porcelain sink and subway tile
  6. You can mix modern decor with traditional features. This master bedroom is just one beautiful example of that! blending modern decor in a traditional home
  7. We need a return of walk through windows. Aren’t the gorgeous? So stately in this closet. old house features that should be brought back
  8. You can’t go wrong with solid wood. The doors in this old house add so much warmth and character. traditional home decor finishes
  9. Solid brass only gets more beautiful with time. I know the 80’s killed brass, but solid brass is timeless! traditional finishes in a modern kitchen
  10. Coffered ceilings add a lot of charm {and I can only dream of having ceilings high enough to have them}. traditional dining room | old house traditional finishes and modern decor

And a few more favorites from the tour…

transitional decorating ideas

10 lessons from this old house - coffered ceilings and wood floors

Want to see the kitchen and butler’s pantry? Spoiler alert, they’re inspiring, too! 

What do you think the most timeless finishes are for a home?


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